App versus Mobile Web Considerations

There can be a lot of debate within organizations about the actual need for a native iOS application. With the current fragmentation of the mobile market, it can be very challenging to dedicate resources to the creation of native applications for every relevant platform. 
For many, a mobile web experience is a viable solution to this problem. 
However, there are many significant issues associated with a mobile web solution that must be considered before moving forward. The first issue that must be recognized is the fact that there is a lack of parity between experiences delivered by the web and those rendered natively on the device. 

Although there are many technologies capable of rendering fairly compelling user experiences within the browser environment, none of them compare to what can be done in the native context. As I’ve reviewed before, Apple gives you access to some very powerful technologies that not only allow you to deliver highly customized and unique interactions, but it delivers those interactions at an unparalleled level of performance. 

A mobile web solution can only provide support for a limited subset of visual interactions that a native experience can deliver, and it does so at a fraction of the performance that a native app can provide. 

This isn’t necessarily a negative point, you’ll just have to make sure that your design solution is accounting for these limitations. I should also point out that the native versus mobile web argument is not an either/or situation. 

The nature of the iOS course is such that these experiences can be hybridized. User experience for a native application may span both native elements and web-based elements as a single cohesive experience. This allows you, when needed, to access to best of both worlds: the power and dynamism of native UI rendering and the flexibility and ease of maintenance of web-based experiences. 

Your solution will ultimately depend on the functional requirements of your application and the desired user experience needed to manifest those functions. Any discussion about the implementation of your application experience should be done from that perspective first, and not because of any arbitrary bias toward one technology or another. Learn more ios development course

Started by meenati biswal at September 20, 2019 - 3:38 AM