What Are The Secrets of Silicon Valley?

The Silicon Valley is one of the technological miracles of the world located in California. The innovative technologies created in the area bring millions of dollars annually. The fast-paced technological growth tends to produce the impact on the biodiversity and ecology of the Earth, which creates the concern for the environmental compound. Therefore, the current essays professor paper argues that the innovative technologies development in the Silicon Valley is one of the most active agents in producing harm on the environment.

Technological development guarantees the prosperous future for the society. The constant process of evolving and inventing the new tools make the life of people better and more comfortable. The aforementioned aspect of the humanity existence manifests itself in creating the new devices that function as the means of making human lives safer. For example, the technological development has saved numerous through medical interventions. Also, people use cell phones and laptops to communicate with the external world, which brings educational information and stimulates learning. Moreover, technological development is an inseparable part of the contemporary society because it is the ground for many industries.

The achievement of humankind in the technological sphere creates the circumstances for discussing the issue of damage caused to the environment. The world renowned center of the most innovative technologies is the Silicon Valley region. It was established to perform the essential function of pushing and stimulating the innovative development. The employees of the Silicon Valleys numerous companies contribute their talents to creating the brand new tools and equipment items. Therefore, it is possible to state that the Silicon Valley is a place where science, technologies, and economy interact to produce a broad range of the high-quality products to improve human lives. The volumes of the technological items created, designed, and manufactured in the region are incredibly great. The region makes a great contribution to the generations development and improvement. Undoubtedly, the results that the Silicon Valley brings to the world are beneficial in the long-term and build the better future. However, the negative aspect of the process is the development of the environmental issues in the region and the world due to the improper usage of the natural resources.

According to the statistics, managers and workers in Silicon Valley produce 92% of the worlds innovative items. In order to continue performing in the same manner, the businesses are expected to damage the environment as an externality. Essentially, the harm is done though recycling and using the variety of energy resources to provide the companies with the supportive environment to do the experiments, improve production cycle, and achieve the final results. Indeed, like any manufacturing process, technology development requires a certain degree of wastes to be produced as the secondary outcomes of the production activities.

The environmental consequences that appear as a result of the active work of the Silicon Valley companies and technological centers are very serious. Due to the numerous ecologically unsafe substances that are required in the course of innovations creation, testing, and production, the level of greenhouse effect increases by 0.5% annually in the region. The scholars counted that if a situation contributes at the same pace, the environmental catastrophe would inevitably take place. The consequences of the environmental damage would manifest not only in the USA but also in the bordering countries. Furthermore, there is an opinion that due to the greenhouse effect that the Silicon Valley contributes, the planet would encounter the worsening of ecological situation in the nearest future. Although the Silicon Valley alone cannot be held accountable for the technology growth in the recent years, shortcomings of the innovative ideas originated in the region contribute to environmental deterioration.

The solution to the aforementioned problem lies in the eco-friendly technology development. Despite the promising contribution, their functioning and production requires the natural resources usage. The essential task for the Silicon Valley companies is to increase the introduction of the environmentally friendly approaches to the manufacturing of modern devices. The method aims at the maximum reduction of the harm made by the enterprises of the Silicon Valley. The shift in approach to resource usage presents a potential solution for many companies that rely heavily on natural resources in the production cycle.

The industrial companies that have the expertise within the field of the innovative technologies production have the corporate social responsibility to consider the environmental impact. If they do not reduce the damage to the atmosphere, the planet would soon face the consequences of water and clean air shortage, as well as possible food crisis. The predictions reflect the real situation, which is currently taking place in the world of innovative technologies. The excessive use of natural resources and extreme emissions from the machinery create significant damage on the environment.

To sum up, the companies which are currently functioning in the Silicon Valley make a significant contribution to the innovative technologies development. Their performance aims to create a better future for the next generations and improve the outcomes for people. However, the industrial advances originated from the Silicon Valley result in environmental damage and its consequences. The primary cause is the irresponsible and irrational usage of the natural resources. The harmful shortcomings of the technology development and industrial progress should be soon addressed by environmental measures of sustainable resource usage.

Started by Mason Dillon at August 10, 2020 - 7:35 AM