2. Why did people speak and write better two hundred years ago than they do now?

This might be a delusion focused on the reality that few amounts of people were educated and that those people who were inclined to establish classes. I am in hesitation that they did, provided that the majority of people obtained a formal education and so far scarcer individuals can be able to read and write. There are might be so many different causes behind it. Among them, the most significant and considerable reason is that writing publications down to the individuals just for the sake the people believe that they are mad. It utilized to be provided that if they wrote on their level. It would assist and educate people in a more superior and comprehensive way. One of the main causes behind it is that today people have computer facility they communicate among each other through chat. In that they write precisely, it might be one of the main reasons that put some disastrous negative effects on the writing and speaking capabilities of the people. It might be one of the main causes because of which students also unable to do their assignments on their own. It is the key reason that it has been seen that many students found saying on educational forums please  Pay Someone To Write My Essay? By doing so they can get top-notch essay writing services and get the solution of the assignments prior to the submission date of the assignments. These are some main causes because of which people speak and write in a better way in the last two centuries as compare to the present era.



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