Mobile Development Process

Hey there. This question is related to some programming assignments for which I am looking for help, maybe assignment help for hnd as their writers are way more experienced in writing assignments on an urgent basis. Coding for the web is one the hardest thing for the students in programming era today. I need help with some php codes from my project. In the theory assignment, we have to describe the mobile development. In mobile development, the actual technologies that are used are Android, iOS, and Windows. The mobile software development has a lifecycle that consists of Research and Conceptualization, Planning, Design, Coding, Testing, Launch, and lastly review & update. In Research and Conceptualization, you learn and analyze the market and figure out the targeted customers. The planning phase requires setting goals, cost estimation, and development process. The design phase contains the features planning. Then the coding is done. Then you need to start putting your application through the testing process. Then launch it in the market and wait for the reviews and feedback from the users.

Started by anthony anson at August 09, 2019 - 3:22 AM