The most effective method to CREATE TEST SUITES IN SELENIUM

Making test suites in selenium

A test suite is a gathering of tests. When utilizing Selenium-IDE, test suites additionally can be characterized by utilizing a straightforward HTML document. An HTML table characterizes a rundown of tests where each column characterizes the filesystem way to each test. A model reveals to everything.

The Test suite that contains One.html and Two.html

To make a test suite in Selenium IDE:

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1. Open Selenium IDE

2. Go to File>New Test Suite

3. To include experiments: Go to File>Add experiment

4. Explore the area of your experiment

5. Snap-on Add

6. Rehash stages 3-5 for more experiments

The Test suite that contains One.html and Two.html

Go to File>Save Test Suite

Enter a record name

Snap-on Save

At the point when the Run Entire Test Suite catch is clicked, it will run every one of the tests in the test suite. It will log every one of the passes and disappointments at the base of the Test Case box.

To spare this, click on the File menu and afterward click on Save Test Suite and spare the Test Suite record to someplace helpful.

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