The first exclusive: 2013 Chinese architect Congress PPT collection, welcome you

9.4~China system architecture for 6 days for a period of three days of Normal University will be successfully completed, this is our organization's fifth system architect convention, technology conference 3 days, enrich and moved, to express deep thanks to the long-term support and concern for our Cuer! Thank the guest sharing, thanks to all the participants of the present support, also thanks to the CUer's attention!! The general part of speech released photos and PPT, welcome all Cuer review of the share!!

This year, the theme of the conference " Cloud Architecture, IT infrastructure optimization, large data under the IT architecture changes " three hot topics; . The "bursting" continue, about the attendance of about 1200 people, the meeting gathered in the traditional Internet, finance, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing and other fields more than five thousand IT architect, project manager, operation manager, IT system network management personnel, is the domestic another technology Taotie event. In the three day of the conference, technical experts from Baidu, Tencent, Ali, Jingdong, shop No. 1, Sina, NetEase, Lasafo sites such as EMC, LSI, as well as the technical representative, sharp, Dell manufacturers such as the keynote speech.

The architect Congress here ended, thank you again for your participation. Looking forward to next year again!

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Conference highlights, welcome everyone to see it~~

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