Release the game, God said 2014- life dream and life in the National People's Co

The game type: Galgame type single games, personal peak masterpiece, domestic, green, free, non commercial, open, sharing, not encrypted, which lasted more than 6 years development

Statement: personal game works, open sharing, not beg everybody to play, but the routine release, who love does not play, like the download to study, doesn't love, nobody asked you to play. Stand clear...

What is a stand-alone games: free giant stand-alone game, full clearance without networking /0 registered /0 landing /0 advertising, the game is really trendy offbeat fashion online game!

Game background: the universe (Science decryption), God (Interpretation), God and the devil (science fantasy of the future of the world)

The game theme: life, human, and life, your game life (Master who is not who, is a virtual - yourself, start, from the age of 16 until the age of 40, eventually realize all the dreams, then slowly die~)

Set statistics: the strongest lineup huge beautiful girl (Gal) more than 150 MM, the strongest God beautiful beautiful young man (blgame) total more than 100 GG, the God squad cool 700 enemy, 90%+ is free to capture, culture!
For appetite: cooking a variety of brother, a sister to all kinds of grass root, goddess, grassroots, Indoorsman, Bob, Gao Shuai rich, Bai Shoumei, low attenuation poor ~ you all are God said, make no exception to the dish!
The treatment: all kinds of F, do not believe, not for the opponent, conquer, shocked, ask for God, your want to play most grades, fun, challenging game it is difficult to get what they want, free package bag without the need to stay in hospital for observation.

Important: the creator, God set on said, Mary Yana, Zeus (the Greek god of gods), Sal (million magic magic), Shakya Mani (Fo Zu), Nu Wa (classical mythology.),
Important people on: Amaterasu (classical mythology God), Poseidon (Hai Huang), Hades (Pluto), the big devil, ancient great Mazinger, Ares David (Michelangelo's David.)

The master set: the future about 4000, You were born, As a common not the ordinary imperial cloth grass, This is the real you, The body carries 1000 yuan, Began to dream, Looking for work., You are full of dreams and insist on, Your dream, As the game progresses, Will be more and more great, From the beginning of the just want to become strong cattle B cool, want to find a beautiful girlfriend, want to be rich, to honor their parents, want to have a good equipment..., Slowly, Your dream will gradually become a kind of responsibility, a responsibility, a wish, In order to achieve all this great, You begin to dream of to God and the devil's secret, the secret of the universe, God and creator's secret, also want to be the whole world, the whole universe strongest man, the best in all the land public organization in the universe the strongest will, Is the boss!YES, In your future life completely virtual, the game of life., Is to achieve all of this dream completely!!

Top forces debut: Creator team 4 group, 5 pillars, 5 stars from the general public, relics, ancient evil the Troll

On large guild 1: Hell demon army (SAL, Ella, Mio Layla, Thetis, Lucifer, Satan, Danatesi, mammon, moon Lili)
On large Guild 2: the day group (Zeus, Appollo, FILA, Ares, don Gio Hera Hughes, Luna Ally your team)
On large guild 3: the imperial Legion (Reston, Lei En, Uesugi Nobu, Zhi Jiang love)
On large guild 4: Dark Brotherhood (the dance, the Black Knight, Alicia, Feng Tianxiang)
On large guild 5: Holy girl Corps (October, Wan Hua Mei, Lulu, peach)
On large guild 6: Blood Brothers (magic, gray day, gray day, ghost, Wang Xing)
On large guild 7: shinsengumi (BT · Hani king, Hani king, Hani, magic Hani, toxic, explosive modified Hani Juhani)

On love: magic, big night, Ting Ting, Lich King, silk, virtual female game player, game player, virtual boy Yagami, moment, beautiful, Archer, Pandora, Athena, the Gold Saint Seiya
Other forces on sea, Hades Hades: imperial temple, forehead, biochemical forces military forces, dark spirit power, Pharaoh forces, the demonic forces, enchantment, elf power, power demon clan

The graphics engine: high imitation 3D, HD, very smooth
Game Size: high pressure only 358M
Game content: any game play as 5 G, God, God, God can pit.

The game style: flags, drawing the world master style (158 CG, 100 side vertical drawing vice, sum 2900 pairs of pictures)
Game sound: very shock (101 world famous + top background music, 173 sections of the Mandarin dubbing, 161 sound, 49 environmental Soundtrack)
The game story: about 50 words of God, all Chinese cluttered plot, interspersed in the game plot, is equivalent to the capacity, a thick book of 500 pages, each page 1000 words!

Game time: very long, 180 to 365 day of play!
The original game: grassroots level, nothing!
Game: the grade level, surpass!

Playability: top class
Freedom: freedom, operation
Compatibility: the game package provides 4 startup mode, try to make the 99% game player can correct operation!

The game installation: free installation, unpack the play
The game exempts the unloading unloading:, optionally delete
Art and Design: the world million flow from filter inferior, offbeat, novelty, creativity, many of the details, let the game player to experience N game does not have, all unusual surprise and pleasure!

Download the address (multiple address, as well as the contents, choose one download):
Address 1 (Baidu SkyDrive):
Address 2 (360 SkyDrive):
Address 3 (game kingdom):
Address 4 (Jinshan SkyDrive):
Address 5 (Huawei SkyDrive):

Game pack bonus 1: four starter for 99%, game player can successfully run, deal with different system configurations, browser version!
Game pack bonus 2: game development, and development of the technology of information around, HTML development guide set, stored in the technical information directory
Game pack bonus 3:RMWG (webgame Development Master), God said 2014 engine of visual development tools
Game pack bonus 4:150 pieces of game screenshots
Game pack bonus 5: gifts game - a 2.
Game pack bonus 6: six kinds of beautiful type fonts.
Game pack bonus 7: set of original God said the academic literature.
Game pack bonus 8: the address network communication area, convenient game player online centralized communication.
Game pack bonus 9: a full set of new timely strategy to help the library, in does not have to start game, good game system and trouble.

Game screenshot appreciate (amount ~ dear God, please beware of blind...):
Note: to provide a large number of about 150 screenshots of the game, but show a corner or the game of life, only the iceberg!

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The landlord is the object of our worship. . . .
This is the Third Edition?
I remember at the beginning of the year saw the landlord had edition.

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Posted by Dave at December 25, 2016 - 1:37 AM

From the third dynasties saw the sixth generation

Can be appropriate to reduce the game content increase the display quality

Posted by Irene at December 26, 2016 - 1:45 AM

Increased.:) but, could not reach 3D, uh... Screenshots look not to come out, must play.

Posted by Marsh at January 09, 2017 - 2:27 AM

Want to go to Appstore
Reduction of 3/4 content increase picture quality and operation experience
Now the product key is the user experience really not a lot

Posted by Irene at January 10, 2017 - 3:03 AM

TO: KK3K2005
Please believe me, I really don't know what a Appstore is, I just, want to be a fun, some people play, game player likes to play, very playable game, perfect. I'll look after Appstore

In addition to sorry, made similar [God] game this post title in the technical forum, a little crazy and suspicion of the title of the party.

But it is mainly around the Post Bar, GALGAME, game forum, three aunt, 66RPG release, with eye-catching headlines, oh, so they simply copy the CSDN to share, I'm sorry, is never boast to show off.
Content also said the game is great, I just mention the grassroots.

This game is mainly to reflect the interest game player, though just released, the game player is not know:

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Not the art program the most vulnerable, but still there, for several years, LZ is not easy

Posted by Angelia at January 15, 2017 - 3:34 AM

Pass by the top, need speed.
Game player exchange area:

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