Running Google Glass on Android Device

It is not a surprise to find a lot of people becoming quite curious as to what Google Glass can do but since not everyone has the capability to purchase this new device, there is still a way for them to learn more on how it can be used by gila monster live video wallpapers app download through their Android device.

It appears that there were some developers who took the critical parts of the Glass OS and converted them into APK files that you can download into your Android device. For those who are not familiar with the APK files, these are usually the file format for all apps for Android phones. Once you have installed the three APK files into your Android you will now have a new app called Glass Home.

When you launch Glass Home, you will be taken to the same user interface that Glass users see. You can also launch this app by saying “OK, Glass.” During the test run of Google Glass, this app was able to surf Google with ease. The results were either read to back to the user or were displayed on the screen if they are images. Photos can be taken too using this app but that’s where it ends. Another problem with this app is that it cannot provide you with directions and even place calls unless you already have a Glass account where your contacts will be saved.

Since the APK file is developed by a third party, there is a possibility that it might alter your phone’s interface. Unless you are familiar with the third party, you might want to proceed with downloading the APK files with caution. You can visit Xenologer GitHub to learn more about what changes were made with the APK files. If you want, you can proceed to download the APK files to have Google Glass on your Android phone.

Keep in mind that the APK files for Google Glass may not provide you with the full features of Glass. The good part though is that you won’t feel like a total weirdo with that device attached to your head but don’t go strapping your phone onto your head as well just to get that Glass vibe. There are some Android devices where the APK files worked just fine so expect that the results won’t be the same. If you want to remove the APK files simply go to Settings then click Apps then Download. Remove the files you want to delete.

Started by Peter Terry at February 13, 2020 - 4:09 PM