The Appose.Cells control can achieve 2 Excel with out a new Excel specifies the

The Appose.Cells control specifies 2 Excel with third, how to specify this in the 2 Excel such as two A1 column sum (with code how to specify? How to write?) To be calculated, in automatic generation of third Excel in a column in the list, specify the sum of the 2 Excel.
This case is the use of Appose.Cells controls the two template Excel to merge, (now merged and formed a new Excel, such as "third Excel.xls"), again want to generate third Excel, calculate the A1 columns, the calculation of the first Excel A1 column in the Excel + second the A1 column (2 Excel Excel is cross columns in the calculation)
Now do not know how to take the C# code using the WookSheet or wookBook column the sum of the 2 specified in Excel,
Formula (versus the first Excel.xls]Sheet1! $C+[second Excel.xls]Sheet1!$C$2)
Write the code in the C# code has been posted to? ?

The following code: button click on the create a new Excel how do 2 Excel of the specified column sum? ?

protected void Button6_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

 Workbook workbook1 = new Workbook();
Workbook workbook2 = new Workbook();

workbook1.Open("E:\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\ Excel.xls first test");


workbook2.Worksheets[0].Name = "Test 1Excel content";


Workbook workbook = new Workbook();
workbook.Open("E:\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\ second test Excel.xls");


workbook2.Worksheets[1].Name = "Test 2Excel content";

workbook2.Save("E:\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\ third test Excel.xls");

//Automatically open the specified file
string soucePath = System.IO.Path.Combine("E:\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\Aspose.Cells.v7.2.1\ third test Excel.xls");

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To achieve this function to a plug-in


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Take out of balance.

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