Domestic violence is a serious issue in first-world countries where machismo has not been eradicated. However, it is not always men who are dealing the aggression nowadays. There is a concerning need for a long-term solution to this social problem as domestic violence cases seem not to decrease in some countries. Composing a quality persuasive essay it's not that easy so if you think that for a some reason you can't do it yourself you can ask here A team of professional well-skilled writers is always ready to help.  

  • Write about the evolution of domestic violence. In order to get started, write a few lines on how domestic violence has changed in the past decades. Focus especially in the last few years. Do you think that there is a more violence behaviour now than in the past? Or are we just more aware of the issue now than before?
  • Let’s be honest, this is no recent issue that has just appeared. However, we should be prepared to live in peace in order to develop our societies.
  • Legal measurements nowadays in your country. Next, you should research about the current laws that are applied to this issue in your country. Once you have gathered the information, you should shortly cite the main measurements and proceed to evaluate their effectiveness. Do you believe that these laws properly handle the situation? What else could be done to avoid harmful outcomes? How could the victims be safer in their homes?
  • How can you help someone who is suffering from domestic violence? This is a very concerning issue to think about. Most people turn back when there is a domestic violence situation. Sadly, sometimes it has a deadly outcome for the victim. This is the reason why people should help to prevent the problem escalating.
  • How is the Government dealing with this issue? Study the latest publicity campaigns by the government that were of public domain. Do you find any useful information that will be of use for domestic violence victims? Do you believe that aggressors are aware of the seriousness of this violent behaviour?
  • What is the next step? When you have already put the information together, you are ready to make a conclusion. Think about what could be done in order to better handle these situations so that aggressors do not make more damage. Do you think that the current laws are effective enough? What do you think that could be done to better help people who suffer from domestic violence?

Started by Walter Chapman at January 13, 2020 - 8:25 AM