Personality and Work

Individual’s personality has an impact on work performance. People can be extroverted or introverted. These peculiarities influence their work performance. For instance, if a person is introverted, he/she is better for a position that does not require frequent communication with clients or colleagues. Such people are more concentrated when they do not communicate. If a person is extroverted, he/she likes communicating. For such people, job without communications is not good. Therefore, they will be better and more productive on the position that requires much communications.

There are different types of personalities, which refer to different types of work. For example, some people are good in performing work with numbers and statistics. Some prefer work with people because they like to communicate. Some people like animals and working with them. It influences their performance. The performance is likely to be high if the work is appropriate for the individual and if he/she likes the work.

Motivation and its importance for an individual is a factor of performance, too. Some people do not need much motivation. They can be highly productive without it. Such people usually like their work very much and work well because of that. Another type of people needs motivation often. Such people cannot work well without it. Therefore, their performance will be high only if they feel proper motivation.

Organizations can influence the contribution of individuals. Different strategies can be used. For example, employees can be given more control over their jobs. In this case, they will be able to control their performance and make it higher.

Communicating strategy is also useful. It is important to communicate with staff regularly. Due to that, individuals will be able to understand better what to do to achieve the company’s aim. Therefore, their individual performance can rise.

Team spirit is also helpful. Very often, individuals do not work well and have low performance rate because they just work for work. They do not feel members of a company “family”. Their goals are not the goals of the company. However, team spirit can change it. Individuals will know the goals and realize that their individual goals should be in some part the same as the company’s goals. It can help to maximize their performance.

A good strategy encourages employees to communicate with each other. It will help them to encourage performance of their colleagues. For example, more experienced employees can teach the new ones, therefore, new employees will work better.

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