Wireless LAN, extensible authentication protocol EAP?


The problem:
1."A weak passwords do not cause invasion EAPTLS based system, because the attacker still need client certificate. When a client certificate is stored on a smart card, EAPTLS provides the most secure authentication solutions, because if not stolen smart card is the client certificates cannot be obtained. "

Client certificate stored in the smart card. Smart card refers to what? U disk? SD card?

2 to achieve EAPTLS certification.
Whether or not, the wireless router operating system and computer operating system, both EAPTLS protocol, can?
The Ubuntu system to support.?

3 of all EAP certification, whether EAP-TLS's security?

4 what brand wireless router, EAP-TLS authentication mode?

Started by Stan at December 16, 2016 - 2:26 PM

It refers to the enterprise level encryption and authentication, the need to build a radius server, Linux can use Freeradius, OpenSSL is generated by the certificate and add a digital signature, the root certificate installed on Freeradius, install the client certificate PC. Freeradius can connect to the router WAN port or LAN port. Like Netgear a lot of consumer grade routers support EAP-TLS authentication, you can search for specific Freeradius structures.

Posted by Ken at December 31, 2016 - 3:07 PM