The Oracle TRUNCATE statement deletes problem

I wrote a small program in Delphi environment, which has a Timer, Timer's role is to regularly delete a table data, use the TRUNCATE TABLE statement, the name of the table; when the program starts, will perform the block the same. The program flow is: whenever the program manual start, check the table data is the data, if not, then delete it, otherwise not deleted. Can be successfully executed. The Timer program is every one hour to query a data is the data, if have, do not delete, and delete. Because the program is placed on the server, many days not restart, at night is not generated data, so want to use Timer after in the morning, the data in the table are deleted, but found the program execution, data are not deleted. But in a test project in normal operation. System to Windows Server 2003 hard never closed. Oracle11 G database. Also bother everybody to help us reason, be indebted forever.

Started by Humphrey at November 23, 2016 - 6:11 AM

Direct write a scheduling, execution of this statement can.

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Posted by Wright at November 30, 2016 - 6:57 AM

"Program execution, data does not remove "the landlord can with me. Is the program is executed, the call to SQL failed; or SQL calls, execution errors; or no errors, but it did not achieve the desired results; or other problems. You can view the related operation log, see if you can find any clue.

Posted by Fitzgerald at December 03, 2016 - 7:39 AM

In the development environment or other test environment test no problem, is at the scene of a server, appear this kind of circumstance.

Posted by Humphrey at December 08, 2016 - 8:20 AM

The site is what database environment.

Posted by Fitzgerald at December 12, 2016 - 9:01 AM