On the Android client province flow problems, seeking God

The main 3:

The A. refresh message (listing page loading new data),
B. push messages,
C. image processing.

The following is the solution I!

The A. refresh message:
The latest news page ID or refresh time saved, the next pull network data, this value is sent to the server, the server to determine what data should be returned, after the client receives the corresponding data, the data in the cache level cache automatically by the software, will be responsible for data persistence.

B. push messages:
And the server to establish long time data connection, the heartbeat packet, inspection and server link is still reliable. If the heartbeat packet failure, will be within 5 minutes, try to link with the data server, data server and pull take notice of the latest, if there are data to inform, then update the client. When the network is stable (Wifi, small confined area) instant messaging can do the news, and when network instability (bus, train, etc) can be regularly pull message data, guaranteed delivery arrival (there will be delayed but not lost). So, the network traffic can be reduced greatly.

C. image processing:
Upload: in the case of Wifi, directly upload artwork; non Wifi cases, the first upload will ask users to upload: artwork or compressed graph, and remember the user selection, the next can be directly carried out the corresponding operation. Download: on the list page image loading, to display pictures, judging whether to load, if the sliding speed is not loaded; if the sliding slow or stop, try from the network loading pictures; a detail page, small map list page has loaded directly displayed by default under the. When a user clicks on the picture, the picture is called loading function definition of their own, try loading the map, and the same step show

For God!!!!

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