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Have to say, VMware vSphere temporarily or market the most robust virtualization and IaaS solutions, the technology is mature and huge user base. The core component present in vSphere5 VMware ESXi (instead of ESX), ESXi and Citrix was similar to that of XenServer, it is a independent system installation and operation in the naked machine, unlike other US past the VMware Workstation software is that it is no longer dependent on the host operating system. In the ESXi installed, we can connect through the vSphere Client remote control, create multiple VM on the ESXi server (virtual machine), for these virtual machines installed Linux /Windows Server system to become a virtual server can provide all kinds of network application services, ESXi is also from the kernel level support hardware virtualization, virtual server running in the less common hardware server performance and stability, but also easy to management and maintenance.
Although the benefits of using the vSphere a lot, but still need to rational planning to get these benefits from the vSphere infrastructure. How to handle hardware compatibility, how to handle and use good performance of virtual hardware devices, this is we must consider before deployment.

This issue:
1, The deployment and use of experience to talk about your VMware vSphere
2, Where VMware vSphere advantage, the future will be how to develop? Do you have any suggestions?

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In August 9, 2013 -8 month 29 days

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Share the most wonderful Cuer will obtain the mechanical industry press sponsored "VMware vSphere deployment optimization and management." a book, five book

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Yuan Shuming: Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments
The original press: VMware Press

Author: Sean Crookston Harley Stagner (United States)
Translator: Xu Jiong
Series Name: Huazhang programmers stacks
Press: Mechanical Industry Press
ISBN: 9787111425434
On time: 2013-6-13
Publication date: 2013 June
Format: 16
The page number: 184
Revision: 1-1

Content abstract:
The book consists of 6 chapters. The first chapter outlines the basic knowledge of virtual infrastructure, Introduces the design of the book involves considerations and best practices; the second chapter, the implementation of a needed to be considered in vSphere based solutions problem, To help you achieve the blueprint to design to finished the whole process of implementation; third chapter discusses how to run a solution based on vSphere, And provide solutions to ignore the daily work in question; the fourth chapter analyzes how to manage a vSphere based solution in the implementation, Focusing on the capacity and performance management, And to the growing infrastructure for capacity planning and forecasting is proposed in daily work; the measures for the implementation of the fifth chapter introduces the organization cannot continue virtual barrier to change and helps overcome these difficulties; the sixth chapter through the analysis of specific cases from the initial design to a complete implementation process, And discusses the principle of design decisions in the process.

Started by Phyllis at February 10, 2016 - 7:38 PM

VSphere is pretty good. Always use esxi but have no money to buy esx. Function is still very full vswitch support.

Posted by Tom at February 18, 2016 - 8:00 PM

Virtualization technology is my food and I love you vSphere bench with reply later~~

Look at the below comments, "pierce to the heart of the matter" evaluation is expensive, "all good", that is, the price is very high, but it is all powerful, Vmware company as the world's third largest software company, has such a complex product, see the VMware solutions (solution) people have to exclaim.

The following formal discussion of some experience and in my view

1, The deployment and use of experience to talk about your VMware vSphere
To be honest, vSphere is of interest, be rather baffling to the vSphere 5 ultimate authorization code, in the VMware Workstation experience the full function (personal configuration can also i7 8 core, 8G memory, SSD[64G]+1T hard disk), although there has been no real application to a production environment, but also has the quite rich experience.
Deployment of the words without what difficulty, installation is also very much, the most classic or CD-ROM to install Esxi, this should not be the key, using the key or vCenter, if not vCenter the central controller, all Esxi hosts are independent, there is no method to achieve HA, vMotion and other high-tech function.
The most powerful local vSphere infrastructure is its network, I speak a little technical details, Esxi integrates the network is divided into three parts, used for console network, is used to directly control and realize the function of Vmkernel network and virtualmachine network for communication to the virtual host communication, realize the complex function or the Vmkernel network, shared memory heartbeat, network, virtual machine migration completely rely on the network. [an ad ha, my CU blog on the vSphere network.
VSphere has powerful storage support, have their own strong VMFS file system, here only to share the Thin Provision technology, using Thin Provision can realize disk super distribution, 100G of storage space can be the 80G for different virtual machines, virtual machine disk image in accordance with the actual amount of re growth, can reduce initial investment.

The most beautiful experience also belongs to the HA (high availability) and vMotion, In a HA Esxi physical host after the game over, Can quickly from another Esxi host start, While vMotion can start running in the virtual host to migrate from one host to another host, Intermediate almost without interruption, Relying on high speed (1000M, 10000M) network, Quickly copy the contents of memory to another Esxi, And through the RARP protocol to reverse the IP address binding to the host adapter on the new, The process that I may see it as the acme of perfection, Although the principle is very simple, But still feel like magic, This is the power of virtualization technology.

2, Where VMware vSphere advantage, the future will be how to develop? Do you have any suggestions?
Vmware vSphere's biggest advantage lies in its strongThe function and ease of use, Almost all operations can be easily done through GUI, function complete and also other products can not be compared, even Microsoft and Xen in this respect is still some gaps, but also as a framework underlying Virtualization Performance, own the underlying Supervisor and high. Another advantage is the development of the ability is specially strong, for the support of the new system very fast, I remember win8 official version was released a week are introduced to support the win 8 upgrade program.
A problem at present is relatively large dependence on Windows some high, before vCenter can only be used on a Windows host, but also the core desktop virtualization display protocol used Microsoft RDP end time (now has its own PCoIP shows agreement), we also launched the Linux version of the vCenter in the latest version. The need to further reduce the dependence on windows, completely independent. The other is the vSphere license cost is relatively high, is not a general business can afford, virtual advantage in this respect is reflected not too obvious, of course, VMware these advanced features are mainly large customers face.
Vmware as the industry's first leader, the further development of the words can be put forward some new standards, the current virtual manufacturers keep the OVA standard, let the virtual machine for all manufacturers can easily import and export between each other, if VMware can set their own standards and promote open, is very conducive to its development.

Posted by Edith at February 27, 2016 - 8:41 PM

1, The deployment and use of experience to talk about your VMware vSphere
VMware ESXI deployment is very simple, the installation of VMware ESXI and install Linux system other very similar. After the installation is complete, to access the VMware ESXI via web, you can download to VMWARE vSphere client, can manage the ESXI server under the windows.
Multiple VMware ESXI management need to install VMware Vcenter, you can create a VMware ESXI cluster, to achieve high availability and other advanced features.
The deployment of VMware ESXI, the need to pay attention to, version 5 to support Gpt VMFS, install to more than 2T hard disk, 2T above the partition does not support before the VMware ESXI version.
In addition, the VMware ESXI vSwitch supports the standard 802.1Q Trunk protocol, which can support the deployment between different VLAN machine in a VMware ESXI virtual machine. The specific content, can see my blog, there are trunk in support of the record.
Of course, Vmware ESXI price also does not poor, software license price and buy a server of similar value.

2, Where VMware vSphere advantage, the future will be how to develop? Do you have any suggestions?
There is no doubt, VMware ESXI is the virtual king, in many ways, its ease of use and the system is very obvious advantages, characteristics of virtual enterprise must, such as HA, heat transfer, support is very good, this is his advantage.
Hope that the future of VMware ESXI Vcenter installation can be completely divorced from the windows system, VMware based on the ESXI Linux Vcenter although the installation is easy, but the function is limited, hope to be able to solve in future releases.

Posted by Christian at March 09, 2016 - 8:50 PM

One word: good! Expensive!
Complete the function interface. Suitable for enterprises to build test environment test.

Posted by Kristine at March 18, 2016 - 9:46 PM

1, The deployment and use of experience to talk about your VMware vSphere

The use of vSphere also has two years, talk about personal new

First, select the hardware is important, it is best to choose the hardware compatibility list of equipment, some companies may fund's sake, then some DIY server, if you do not select the compatibility list of equipment, may have great influence on the later use.

Second, as the storage, recommendations is to select the shared memory, if you can, FC, ISCSI is a good choice

Third, hardware redundancy, server and storage includes a link, the best design is redundant, not individual device failures caused by vSphere is not available

Fourth, increase the number of card, each network are independent, including the management of the network, VMotion network, the virtual machine network, HA network, FT network, ISCSI network, each network a minimum of 2 card, in order to achieve redundancy

Fifth, to recommend to the virtual machine, the hardware version support

Sixth, when many people use storage, is a large storage for multiple virtual machine, in this case, the hard disk that choose the virtual machine keep, prevent to streamline the provisioned virtual machine disk space suddenly growth caused by insufficient disk space, resulting in multiple virtual machine using the memory can not be used

Seventh, not all applications are migrated to the virtual machine, the best advice before migrating full test, if the principle of physical machine with hardware dog within your things, these physical machine is difficult to transfer the past

Eighth, by using multiple physical machines do virtual machine of HA, it is recommended to use VC to manage

Ninth, if economic conditions permit, as far as possible memory allocation of adequate, if the internal is insufficient, will it affect the performance of the system, for the same kind of application server on a physical machine, it can save system resources

2, Where VMware vSphere advantage, the future will be how to develop? Do you have any suggestions?

VMware occupy a large share of the X86 virtual machine market, and constantly develop new technology, and it has good technical documentation management interface, good, good technical support

Future quite a long time, he is a virtual machine market leader, from some articles before, but slowly towards the closed, once closed to the development of Technology

Another point, the support policy is very uncomfortable, if stopped to buy, then buy, not only to buy all these years of interruption, and fines,

We hope the above two points will improve

Posted by Avery at March 19, 2016 - 10:05 PM

You should understand what is the relationship between esxi and ESX

Posted by Hilary at March 29, 2016 - 10:21 PM

From the beginning of 5, no ESX, only esxi.

Posted by Christian at April 02, 2016 - 10:51 PM

This is too extravagant, redundancy is necessary, the redundancy is just a waste of money. In general, VM kernel management network, separate storage network and virtual machines to use the network you can

This can be through the VMware hardware through to achieve, defect is the dynamic migration of virtual machine does not.
If is of type USB, heard of a usboverip device, but not tested

Posted by Christian at April 11, 2016 - 11:15 PM

Vmfs is very powerful, can be said to be the file system for virtual life, sharing in multiple virtual machine case performance is particularly good.

Posted by Christian at April 17, 2016 - 11:55 PM

It's only a suggestion, to judge, according to the actual situation in general, very large flow network is independent, such as virtual machine network must be very large, and if the ISCSI store, also want to separate

The separated, flow is isolated, but behind the screen is definitely a big heap

Posted by Avery at April 19, 2016 - 12:30 AM

The vSphere system is mature, all virtualization using one of the best. But as the operation and maintenance management, I do not think it should be vCenter.

Posted by Emma at April 21, 2016 - 1:20 AM

The strong can talk about vmfs place? Thin model is not the characteristics of vmfs, now the storage, virtualization basic have this function.!

Posted by Emma at December 19, 2016 - 3:13 PM

It agrees with the luxury of luxury are completely to the luxury of not necessary environment feel six floor is more like the experience of using the theoretical rather than practical very much doubt what company will use such hardware configuration to run virtual machines is completely not the purpose of saving cost and FC cost is also very difficult to accept ~~

Posted by Edith at December 22, 2016 - 4:08 PM

"Indeed I also wonder how a building will be referred to Esx it, thought it was the beginning of a slip of the pen.
Esx would not exist I remember is the time from the beginning of 4 does not have this product line depends on a lot of people did not see the latest technology

For example, vCenter already had the Linux version of the.~~

Amendment I said above words depending on the people according to the above content @ I said more embarrassed

Is the pen. I mean ESX no new products from the V4 version, rather than ESX 4 did not exist. It may be time to the time of writing no attention to expression.~~

Posted by Edith at December 24, 2016 - 4:46 PM

If ESX is started in 5 No!

Posted by Emma at December 27, 2016 - 5:13 PM

The FC deployment is a luxury, but not all applications on the NAS can meet the demand of!!!

Posted by Emma at January 08, 2017 - 6:07 PM

VC Linux version of the function is too weak, as a IT management not to use

Posted by Emma at January 09, 2017 - 5:29 PM


At the same time to read and write this is the characteristic of vmfs

Posted by Christian at January 10, 2017 - 6:06 PM

Gigabit Network and FC prices so far, not much difference. Gigabit network environment, network card has a price advantage.
However, if from the performance point of view, obviously Gigabit in a large number of virtual machine environment, IO is the bottleneck.

Posted by Christian at January 11, 2017 - 6:52 PM