Embedded wireless network and wired network card switching problem (this point I

I currently in embedded finally to a question (in fact it's not my problem, do the hardware a bunch of goods all let me change), In fact, I'm not doing the hardware, I was doing the network, Embedded things need to use my network library is connected to the network, They board a wireless and wired two card, When there is no network cable connection will automatically use wireless network, In an Internet will automatically switch to the wired network, But then they switch card I network library socket cannot connect to the server, But there has been blocked in the connect function, The two day that I can be forced to bind a LAN network, But leaders are not willing to ah, That is not to let the network library care what card you use, So overtime modification, Found to restart my network library to solve the problem above, Thought settled when he is happy testers have found that do not restart network where there is a mistake, Is generally transmitted data error, For a long time bug didn't find where the fault., But do not restart the network library is not wrong. It is not willing to look for bug, there is no shoes, Bryant encountered a similar situation, you have a refresh available card information switch card after the function.?
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It also give points

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The use of netlink monitoring network state information, use the iproute2 package to view the network information, their active treatment on the line

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Have a suggestion, restart the network library, the Buf data empty inside, lost buf data, ensure the follow-up received the normal.

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