Various Argumentative Methods for Academic Essay Writing

Argumentative writing takes on the research question that targets a subject matter. Through your argumentation, you are tasked to present your reasoning to support, defend, or create a new point of view. By structuring your argument in different ways, you allow yourself to answer each essay prompt effectively. Knowing the various methods will help you organize the information and arguments optimally.

Though the argumentative essay writer organizational structures are many, there are only three main ones:




Toulmin Method

The Toulmin Method allows you to support the thesis or main argument by the various claims that you have brainstormed. This method takes on the subject matter and the central argument related to it and presents them one after the other.

Each body paragraph will have the following parts:

  • Claim: The argument that you have come up with to support the thesis.
  • Supporting evidence: The evidence such as data, examples, or expert opinions, that help back your claims and show its validity.
  • Warrant: Here you will explain how and why the evidence successfully supports your claims for essay writing service, through analysis and evaluation.

After you present all of the claims, you should come up with these following parts:

  • Counterclaim: After the claims, you should mention the various counters that target your argument.
  • Rebuttal: In the rebuttal, you will target the various counters and show how they fail to undermine your argument.


Classical Method

The classical method focuses on presenting the reader with in-depth information about the subject matter. This method hopes to get the audience to agree on one point by providing them a comprehensive understanding of the subject and following it with sound reasoning. The various parts of the classical method are:

  • Introduction: The introduction will present the issue regarding the topic and will emphasize the importance to discuss it.
  • Background information: You should provide the reader with in-depth background information that will equip the reader with the proper knowledge to understand the argument and the reasoning.
  • Propositions: The various claims that you have come up with a write my essay should be presented right after. With the background information, the claims will be understood better.
  • Evidence: The reasoning and evidence should go hand in hand when you try to support your claims. You should show how the evidence supports the claims with logical reasoning.
  • Refutation: There will be various counters to your argument and claims, so it is best if you put them down through your reasoning and arguments.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should reiterate the main points or claims in light of the central thesis.


Rogerian Method

The Rogerian method is adopted in argumentations when there is a need to provide a common ground on an issue. This middle ground achieved should be acceptable to both the parties at opposite ends. It should be a compromise reached with the help of reasoning and objectivity.

  • Introduction: You will start by explaining the issue to the reader. Try essay help to use active voice sentences and the appropriate diction, so you can have better clarity in presenting the issue.
  • Opposing view: Try to be objective and allow yourself adequate time to explore the opposing view, instead of putting it down at the start.
  • Understanding their view: You should further elaborate on their views by showing us how and where their point of view makes sense under certain scenarios.
  • Presenting your position: You should put forward your idea or argument once you have covered the opposing views.
  • Context appropriateness: You should put your argument or point of view into various scenarios to show its validity, especially in those where the original idea fails.
  • Advantages of your argument: Iterate the points that you have presented; points which can help the readers reach a better solution or conclusion.

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