Collaboration and Consultation

Students with disabilities are, unfortunately, at disadvantage and have to work much harder in order to achieve their goals. In view of this, a caring, thoughtful and well-educated teacher would need to become the best shining example of excellence in the otherwise obscure world. Such people require time, patience and skilled teachers who can understand their needs and are willing to institute numerous methods of instructions finding the most appropriate and effective teaching strategy. Moreover, each student with disabilities differs, thus, caregivers and teachers know that the same approach cannot work for everyone. In the following paper, I would like to demonstrate how collaborative practices helped me to develop my skills of work with disabled children and what challenges I have faced.

Working together is not the only thing collaboration means, as it is more about blending perspectives, resources, and expertise, as well as sharing responsibility and accountability. It is a constant process, through which I, as a young teacher, should go well beyond my personal vision of what is possible and what is not in order to take action to improve the life of disabled children in the society. All professionals work together, so there is no such thing as individual practice. The continuous nature of the practice determines its stability.

Throughout the course, my skills and knowledge of collaborative practices have definitely grown, especially with regard to reflective practice and gaining practical knowledge.. As far as personal challenges are concerned, I suppose that the hardest task for me is to learn to manage my strong leadership skills. The problem is that frequently I have an urge to direct, which is not exactly beneficial to my students or colleagues. I realize that my co-teachers as well as students should also be allowed to lead and set their own pace. Apart from that, in my opinion, introducing brainstorming into each project will be beneficial, because obtaining feedback from each group member will help to ensure important information is not overlooked. I need to be more patient and perhaps focus on developing more competencies, gaining new professional skills and knowledge, which will distract me from giving too much attention to process management.

To conclude, I would like to say that working together in structured, disciplined, and focused collaboration is the key to improving students achievement. It is all about teamwork. When working with children or students with disabilities, it is crucial to keep a positive attitude, continue to research, have an open mind, as well as discover and put into practice the latest innovative teaching strategies and trends.

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