4 Vital Steps To Carry Out Before Writing The Essay

Preparing a well-written college essay involves a lot more than what meets the eye. Even though the process may seem simple, it takes a lot of effort. In fact, some of you may even feel overwhelmed by the process.

But there are ways you can make the essay writing process a lot less intimidating by applying the right techniques. These techniques are even encouraged by the prolific academic essay writers online.

1. Gathering the sources and evidence

Your essay needs to back up the arguments with proper evidence. This means you need to take frequent trips to the library, find relevant resources on your chosen topic. Depending on the requirements of your topic, you may have to gather primary, secondary, or even tertiary sources for your college essay.

If you have a tough time finding credible resources, ask the librarian or your professor for assistance. Your course syllabus possibly consists of useful reference texts as well. Check the further reading sections of those texts for more details.

2. Brainstorm to come up with ideas 

Now that you've gathered enough materials for your essay, you're ready to develop some ideas. There are multiple ways you can brainstorm, and you're likely to find one method, out of the many, that works for you.

In any case, it'd be wise to write down your ideas when you brainstorm rather than relying entirely on your memory. Listing out the ideas will help you keep track of all the useful details.

3. Come up with a concise thesis statement

You need to present your main idea into a clear and concise sentence, which will act as a thesis statement for your essay. While the thesis statement will help you stay on track through the essay writing process, but you may have to modify it as your essay evolves.

Usually, the thesis statement features towards the end of the introduction. It allows the readers to know exactly what you're trying to convey. Make sure you don't start your thesis statement with “I will prove that.”

4. Put together a well-defined outline

Once you have your thesis statement ready, you must create an outline that will be the roadmap to the rest of your essay, which will allow you to know exactly what information to include in each paragraph.

This, in turn, will help keep your essay logical and organized and will prevent you from getting overwhelmed halfway through the paper. Roughly, the outline should involve an introduction, the body paragraphs, and the concluding section, along with specific evidence.

These steps will simplify the essay writing process to a great extent.

Summary: Writing an essay in college may not be as simple as you thought it would be, but you can definitely simplify the writing process. The post elucidates on some of the steps that you need to follow before writing the essay.

Started by CLARA SMITH at August 06, 2020 - 3:06 AM