Shameless outreach email asking for a backlink

Hi NAME... just kidding :)


Hello there


I’m Alex from Guru99 and I wrote the


As you've probably guessed, I’m going to beg for a backlink in this email :D


What do I want from you?


I can see that you link to in your article and I hope you could add my article.


Why is my article great?


It's super-friendly for beginners, updated and well-illustrated.


What can you get?


Of course, I don’t want a charity from you. I wouldn't reply to this kind of email if there wasn’t anything for me, so here’s what you can get:


·         Social sharing of your article

·         You will update the content and we all know Google likes that

·         You will make me extremely happy :)


That's it. What do you think?



Alex Nordeen

Started by Alex nordeen at February 08, 2019 - 2:31 AM