Enterprises to thirsty, where has the master to help?

Find the location master entry, Tianjin, generous salary, foreign treatment. Digital TV or mobile phone embedded software, the software vendors to provide protocol support and guidance.
1, Visual C++ Network Programming,Can use ATL COM Component Programming
2, More than 2 years Network Video Streaming related business experience
3, 2 years experience in software development company (Communication) or 3 years (TV) above
4, Can use English or Korean communication
5, Window Active X 2
6, Communication program (Protocol) experienced personnel 1
7, Require bachelor degree
Have intention to contact me!
Beijing Zong director 58207898 to 809 (please mark "for Tianjin software engineer" resume and attach your digital photo)

Started by Frederica at November 15, 2016 - 9:08 AM

Beijing Zong director
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