Should teachers allowed to carry cell phones in classrooms?

Teachers should not allow carrying cell phones in classrooms. It is because it is not possible for a person to do two things simultaneously.  Teachers can never keep concentrating on delivering lectures while using cell phones in classrooms. It will be more difficult for students to learn their lessons in class. It is unfavorable for the students. It is because students require doing daily homework. Homework is entirely based on classroom lectures. It has been seen that students fail to perform well in academic UK assignments.
Teachers can be allowed to carry cell phones in classrooms. It is because the cell phones will be a useful tool for teachers while delivering lectures. Teachers use cell phones to search meanings of typical words and preparation of homework assignments for the students quickly in the classroom. Therefore, it is beneficial for the students and teachers that teachers must be allowed to have cell phones in classrooms.
Teachers can only carry cell phones in schools. While entering the campus, teachers should be supposed to submit their phones at the front desk of the school and carry it while returning to school.


Started by MarkRowland at October 01, 2019 - 11:56 PM