6 Essay Writing Tools For Students To Use Every Day

Every academic essay is a different challenge for students. They need to invest their time and hard work to come up with a quality essay to earn the desired grades. Those who are not equipped to do so can always ask 'help me write my essay’ to the professionals. However, there are many writing tools available for the students to use and eliminate writing woes.


Here is a brief discussion-

1. Trello

Instead of asking to ask 'help me write my essay’ to the professionals, download Trello now. Tello is one of a kind project management tool. Students can keep their researched materials stored here, track assignment development, and highlight the must-to-add factors beforehand.

This tool has a reminder facility so that students do not miss their deadline. 

2. Google

Google is the research tool that students can use to find information about their assignments. It is not a writing tool where the software will write down and check the context of the written piece. Instead, this is a writing tool that can help students with lots of information.

3. Pocket

Academic essays gain credibility if the information and definitions within are supported with examples. Students who are unable to find a relevant example to add in their essays can use the Pocket tool now.

Expert essay writers recommend using Pocket as students can collect examples, live links, and tag items for easy searching.

4. Microsoft Word

An extensively used writing tool, Microsoft Word is extremely user-friendly with lots of editing, modification, and advanced writing facilities. When students ask ‘help me write my essay’ to the professionals, they are often handed with the first draft written in a Microsoft Word.

It is easy to download and can add comments and necessary changes.

5. Grammarly

Students can submit a flawless essay paper by using Grammarly. This tool not only removes spelling errors, typos and punctuation problems, but also flag weak construction, passive voice, or sentences that are difficult to understand. It recommends better and usable options to use in the text as well.

Grammarly increases the overall readability of essay assignments.

6. Draft

The Draft is free to use online word processor website. Students who have a daily target to meet with their assignments can use this tool. It will keep track of how many words you write per day and also send daily reminders about your daily word count goals.

Draft allows the users to track changes, collaborate via suggested edits, and make comments on the document.

The scrupulous task of writing essays will become easy for the students when they use these tools. College and university students receive lots of assignments of all types every other day. These tools will help them research, write, and edit their assignment with ease. Students can use these tools everyday and submit flawless essays 


In this above article, we have mentioned a few writing tools that students can use every day and write better quality essay help assignments. These tools will save students' writing time and create quality content. 


Started by CLARA SMITH at August 13, 2020 - 3:21 AM