Why Selenium is not using JS?

I'm a newbie who has been for some time learning Javascript with the only purpose of using it to write Selenium automation (ultimately the purpose is to lear QA automation) when I am taking selenium training in New York, but I am not attending classes so I am not able to find some issues.

The problem is that I'm totally confused when it comes to the language. All I see in Selenium documentation and script examples are functions like "driver.FindElement", "sendKeys", "getTitle", etc.

As far as I've learnt, (pure) Javascript doesn't use these functions but rather "document.getElementById", "document.title", etc.

Can you please help me to identify what language is Selenium using, when it says "sendKeys"? Why in all documentation I find about Selenium+Javascript I just see "getTitle" instead of "document.title"? WHat I've learnt about pure JS is not applicable for this tool?

I know this is probably one of the most stupid questions you have seen, but I can't continue learning until I understand what is happening here. Thanks!

Started by kavyasahu at September 12, 2018 - 4:14 AM