Now Beijing Android (application) to develop what the market?

Hello everyone, I'm going to Beijing next week to find a job. Want to find Android, personal circumstances as follows:
A landlord in Central University computer professional, undergraduate, non 211985 schools, graduate in June next year. University self-study during Android development, from about two until now, basically be intermittently for 2 years, there are several projects practice experience, also has two small company experience. In the Google Android development of the tournament a 'Central division of the two award' (this is the one thing most proud of your university, because it is Google, although do not have much good).
The basic situation is so much.
You think, at my level for Android development in Beijing, about how much salary? (interview salary should be how much)
Android application development is still popular it?

Predecessors, I like this graduates have what experience can teach? Such as an Android should be prepared to do what? (data structure, C, Java...), the interview should pay attention to what?

Started by Howar at December 15, 2016 - 1:27 PM

Application development in general, hit of the game, if you have unity 3D experience, can PM me

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Good business to graduate, to test a research again, and now forms of employment is not very good, and if they cannot find good enterprise may undermine your confidence.

Posted by Isaac at January 12, 2017 - 3:15 PM