Let UIWebView pop-up buttons on the keyboard display Chinese

Author Li Mingjie, Chuanzhi podcasts IOS training director.

UIWebView is a very common view, generally used to load Webpage, such as Baidu:

Click the text box to enter the box, it will pop up a with a toolbar keyboard, a 3 auxiliary button in toolbar

The 3 button, is convenient for many, but the default is English, sometimes we want the button text into Chinese

In fact, the way is very simple, only need to make your application support Chinese localization, it is a new Chinese in the project folder in zh-Hans.lproj localization

If you don't know what is called the localization, can have a look my article "the application of localized

The steps below under simple demo:

1 add Chinese localization support

2 choose to support the local file, at least one (I chose)

3 you'll find out the project directory has a folder

The 2 documents already has the support of Chinese localization

4 re run the project, you'll find out button text has become Chinese.

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How to keep the lines "of a after a complete" show...?

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