Recommend a "subway programmers" Android application for everyone to learn

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The application for all want to learn Java or are learning Java friends, suitable for beginners and have some experience in java development friends.

  The application is currently consists of eight modules of learning:

  1, The Java base module, introduces the basic content of Java.

  2, The algorithm and programming module, introduces the common sorting algorithms, as well as the common programming problem.

  3, Design pattern module, introduces the design mode of the six major principles, and introduces the creating type, structure type, behavioral design pattern.

  4, Advanced Java module, introduces in detail the multi thread, the collections framework, as well as the JVM memory management.

  5, The database module, complete with detailed introduces the database content.

  6, Java web module.

  7, Popular framework module.

  8, Java EE module.
Interface diagram

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