How to Change Windows Live Mail Password?

A lot of user prefer using Windows Live Mail for its best service. Once a user signup with username and password, Windows Live Mail automatically sign in to mail account. But later on when you try to Change Windows Live Mail Password, you might encounter some trouble, to get it resolved, try to contact the best experts at +1(866)748-5444. You can also try using these steps :

1- Open Windows Live Mail, to display menus, press Alt key. Here you will find 'tool' menu and select 'account'.
2- Select the email account for whose you want to change password.
3- The email you selected, it's properties will open. Now click on "Server" tab where your credentials are stored.
4- Type a new password under 'Mail Server' section. Try to avoid any typo.
5- Once you change your password, click 'ok' to save setting.

Once you tried this method and not found it very helpful, then you can without wasting time call our executive for quick support, you can also avail help by mailing us your issue, a quick solution will be provided to you.

Started by Olivia Katie at January 16, 2020 - 10:39 PM