Media Worldview Analysis

Film industry began to develop long time ago. There exist a lot of film genres which are aimed at producing different impact on people. Thus, comedies are aimed at entertainment, scary movies are for thrilled-seekers, and melodramas were invented for romantic people who can sympathize and can be distressed for somebody. Nevertheless, these genres are not the only ones and the aims of producing films can be expanded. Thus, one can often meet movies without meaning, but there still exist a lot of films which make the viewers think about meaning of life. One of such films is “The book of Eli,” which was chosen for the analysis.

The film describes the world after the nuclear disaster. It seems that the world was divided into two parts with different worldviews. Thus, people in the place where the main hero, Eli, was at first, were cruel and malicious. They had no law, no principles, and no faith. All they did was rape women, rob pilgrims, and kill everyone who stood in their way. The owner of that town, Carnegie, encouraged such actions and wanted to make an unconsciousness herd from people in order to subordinate them to his will. Another part of the world, people in Alcatraz, managed to save civilization and culture. They gathered books and other pieces of history in order to carry the lost culture to people.

These absolutely opposite worlds lived in accordance with their rules, and people seemed to be true to their worldviews. Certainly, in the world where Carnegie ruled, not all citizens were cruel but they could not live out their worldview because Carnegie’s power was stronger than they. People who wanted to live in peace had no other choice except to obey the existing rules. Otherwise they could just be killed. Although a lot of characters, whose worldview can be analyzed, were presented in the film, the most interesting personage is Eli. He considers himself to be on God’s mission, he carries the Book, which will bring knowledge, change the world and make it better. Nevertheless, this character is very controversial. Although he reads Bible every day and acts as a messenger of God, he does not obey God’s law. He disobeyed one of the 10 commandments of God, the most important one, which was pointed in King James Version, which Eli brought: “Thou shalt not kill.” On the one hand, he can be justified because if he did not kill, he would not be able to perform his mission. On the other hand no one knows which voice he heard and whether it really was the God’s will or his fictive narrative. Nevertheless, if it really was God’s voice, one would not understand how the man can be on God’s mission without obeying His commandments.

Such transfer of the story of the Book, which was written long ago and served people since the time of their spiritual development, aroused controversial emotions. On the one hand the fact of combination of God’s mission and the murders committed by His messenger is beyond my comprehension. On the other hand the power of Bible and its meaning for humanity, which survived after the nuclear catastrophe, made me think of timeless values. In my opinion, if this movie was not about Bible, but about another significant book or moral values, it would be great as well as this story.

As it was said above, the film represents two different worldviews. I support the one of the people of the West. In my opinion, people should remain people in any situation. If a catastrophe, disease or disaster affects humanity and deprives it of the life they lived before, it does not mean that they should forget who they are. It is essential to restore culture, traditions and all the values people have. These things make people’s life meaningful, and they make us different from the other living creatures on the Earth. If one day humanity forgets about the values it should carry through the life, it will lose its significance in the life of Universe.

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