Can QuickBooks replace an accountant?

Whatever you put a piece of information into the software, it will process it out meticulously. Similarly, if you put in invalid or irrelevant information, its resultant will also process out the same way as before.

This means that QuickBooks is a competent software. However, its sole purpose is to analyze the data. But, if you require finance related advice or a solicitor who can guide you to the correct decision, you would need an accountant.

So the answer to this would be- No, QuickBooks can’t replace an accountant. May it be QuickBooks Enterprise or any other edition or any other hosted tax software.

Or for that matter, no software can replace human assistance. Software surely makes the data a lot coherent and easy to perceive, but to generate data and feed in the relevant data, a professional is required.

Let’s face it, there is only so much that the software can do without human guidance. It is the brain behind the mechanism who knows:

How the software works
Why it works that way
Which information to put in
How to make it work

QuickBooks, an impeccable accounting software, only processes your data. But an accountant’s task goes way beyond it. An accountant is the one who analyzes this processed data, gives financial advice, tackles with tax legislation, and generates a sound financial database.

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Started by TerranceM at November 27, 2020 - 10:48 AM