Death Penalty & Legalizing the Drugs (Marijuana)

The attitude to the death penalty is one of the important issues of law. In case of execution, a major ethical problem of punishment becomes the most critical as it does not just cause distress or inconvenience to the prisoner, but destroys him physically. It should be remembered that, like any other protective measures, the death penalty is not a direct and immediate way to save the society form criminals. Despite a number of disadvantages of the death penalty, there are specific arguments for adoption of this kind of punishment.

The advantages of the death penalty include taking the reproduction of individuals with critically dangerous deviant behavior under control. It is the best precautionary measure against recidivism. The death penalty performs preventive and warning functions. The response to common objections of incompatibility of execution with proclaimed moral respect for human life is the fact that the death penalty may be the only way to demonstrate respect for the victims of most serious murders. In this perspective, the death penalty acts as an acceptable measure to those who committed deliberate, repeated crimes that were accompanied by torturing or humiliation of the victim. Therefore, the death penalty brings harmony to a well-known principle of general law – the principle of justice. In the economic aspect, the death penalty also has its advantages. With the adoption of this punishment, spending on the maintenance of criminals will be reduced. Moreover, the death penalty requires someone to bring the punishment to action. Thus, it will contribute to creating such posts as executioners. Considering all the benefits of the death penalty, it can be concluded that it is a necessary measure of social protection. Modern society has not yet reached the level of true humanism and high civilization, and, therefore, it is too early to refuse the death penalty.

Legalizing the Drugs (Marijuana)

The issue of legalizing soft drugs causes controversies in the United States. The ineffectiveness of drugs criminalization can be seen on the example of marijuana. Despite the authorities’ ban on marijuana’s growth and consumption, obviously, this plan has failed: with the fact, although criminal penalties were provided, each year millions of people in America consume marijuana. Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the United States.

Another argument for legalization is the fact that regulated market of soft drugs will reduce the level of consumption among adolescents. Illegal status of marijuana gives it a special value in the eyes of teenagers. Also, after the legalization, it will be no longer be possible to make a profit from trading. Thus, adolescents will have no incentive to sell this stuff to each other.

The legalization of soft drugs will significantly reduce the outflow of capital from the country's economy into the hands of international criminal gangs. The illegal status of cannabis makes its cultivation and subsequent smuggling into the United States the most profitable. The plant itself is cultivated in other countries. American money is dropped off in the shadow economy of these countries, rather than promoting the development of its own. The legalization of marijuana will accelerate the development of hemp as a valuable agrarian culture.

Fighting the flow of the illegal marijuana is too expensive for law enforcement authorities. Legalization will not only eliminate the cost of providing investigations, arrests and imprisonment on charges related to marijuana, but also allow the state to earn additional income in the form of tax revenues from cannabis trading.

Marijuana is also an effective medication. The positive impact of marijuana can be successfully used for medical purposes, as this product has relatively mild side effects. Cannabis has shown to be an effective drug in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, nausea, seizures, and other unpleasant symptoms.

One of the most important arguments could be the fact that everyone has the right to decide on their own whether to use marijuana or not. Living in a free society, every person should have the right to choose.

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