Cannot copy pictures from FPSPREAD to Excel2003

I did a project with VB, and the FPSPREAD control, fpSpread1.CellType =
CellTypePicture fpSpread1.Col = 1 fpSpread1.Row = 1
fpSpread1.TypePictPicture = LoadPicture() fpspread1.TypePictPicture = Clipboard.GetData
After the operation, I can ctrl+C to copy an image from fpSpread to excel2010, but from Excel2003 cannot copy picture to FPSPREAD, do not know what reason? Acute!!!

Started by Nat at November 30, 2016 - 9:04 AM

My test environment is in the Windows Server2003 and Windows 7, in the two kinds of environment testing results., The same problem, Replication in Excel2003 images can't be to FPSPREAD, and from excel2010 can be copied, Do not know is not the windows environment, Or because of a picture in Excel2003 format and excel2010 format is not the same, But FPspread 8 does not support Excel2003 format picture. If FPspread 8 does not support Excel2003 format picture, Is there a way through the code conversion, From the EXCEL2003 image format to excel2010 format picture, Through the API line.

Posted by Nat at December 13, 2016 - 10:02 AM