HIDSharp - Identical vid pid etc


I have a project that requires processing of 2 or more rfid M302 readers on a USB hub.Win7.Each reader is for a separate 'location'.   Reads are from any reader, but only 30 per minute at most.

Each reader has identical vip and pid and no serial number.

Data is place on read, in a Excle spreadsheet.  All reads go in the same column with no reference as to which reader passed the data.

I need  HIDSharp to tag a prefix or suffix against the read data  going into Excel that identifies the reader used (position in the USB hub?)

Can I do this in HIDSharp and how to set up?

That is,  tag is read, received by HIDSharp, which identifies from hub directory which reader was used, then  tag data plus the id (reader position in hub) is forwarded to Excel.   Excel can then manipulate data for each location, etc.



Charles Harris



Started by Charles Harris at December 05, 2018 - 11:06 PM