CSDN university club for clothes! Come and meet the new us! Sincere service to China students learning and social practice is our purpose. A new version of the club was solemnly launched three service system -- knowledge service, service development, service occupation, for your learning path laid solid foundation for your career, set up the ladder of success, I believe you will own join and proud and proud, come on!
Knowledge service
Discuss and share:
Here you can teachers and students to discuss problems, seek help, also to help others,
If you are a member of the club, where you can download free resources. You can also upload resources share,
Subscription service: to choose their own areas of concern and interest in the field of tag vocabulary learning content, subscription, avoid wasting time resources in the mass,
Campus tour: CSDN university club, build a bridge between the IT industry and the campus, public service as a member of the club to provide industry information, technological learning, exchange of experts and other campus tour,
Development services
Programming challenge: CSDN university club now for the college students was solemnly launched "the elite programming challenge" activities, all students can enroll in. The double integral incentives mechanism: subject to the first challenge succeeds the club integral. The club for all involved in answering membership, provides the ranking obtained integral ranking of individuals and University, and the priority of individual and university to material incentives and encourage the certificate. Annual outstanding person and the more the chance to be recommended to participate in domestic and international programming contest.
Managed code: code programming challenges submitted will be stored in the CODE platform, managed the project.
Occupation Service
Provide resume writing methods and skills. Regularly publish recruitment information up-to-date, provide jobs, graduates with internship. Club outstanding members and programming challenges for ranking excellent individuals have the opportunity to obtain CSDN with leading companies and a high paying job recommendation.

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