Audio driver article pop sound.

Contact audio driver work has 2 years time, this time feel deeply the mobile phone industry is rapidly upgrading MB. 2 years, from TI to QUALCOMM, from Android2.1 to 4.2, from a single core to Quad core. I participated in the project is 20, the day is very sad.
Today back to audio problems I met in the research and development process of some to share with you, hope to engage in audio driver industries brothers help somewhat, also hope you have a good idea can communicate with me, to share with you.
One reason, pop audio production
(1)Module (signal communication module out of a pulse)
Solution: before the module is opened or closed, do the gradient treatment on module audio gain.
Solution: make gradual treatment on PA gain
Solution: to control selection, to gain the gradient on the sound card sound card access sequence
Scenes from the two, pop sound generation
(1)When answering the phone
Solution: first open the module audio path, then when the other bell (phone) and then set the audio mode, and then to the gain of the codec is set to minimum, followed by a gradual process of power amplifier, and the gain of codec increased gradually to normal size operation.
(2)The initiative to hang up the phone
Solution: first phone first set the audio in the first time gets hung up again after the model for other operations, followed by a gradual decrease of the power amplifier, the final set codec.
(3)Passive hang up the phone
Solution: if not module generates a pop tone, the solutions such as active hang up the phone scenario solution method. If the module generates a need module gradient processing in the hang.
(4)Equipment switching
Solution: when the equipment switching delay resolution.
(5)Play music / music switch
Solution: the player to open or in music switching pause, the volume of the gradient treatment.

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The landlord had mixed the wm8960, I now to a problem is the recording is not successful, use the alsa_arecord command to record, the file is empty, there is no data, do not know how, playing the song is normal, seeking advice.

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WM8960 is a sound card or sound card amplifier, if is the words, suggest looking for suppliers, this chip I no adjustment.

Before wm9093 power amplifier

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Debugging wince and Android recording drive.

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