The 100 forum Gold Collection "old students to" video

Chuan Chi podcast since has thank you continuously to our support and love, to celebrate our alma mater to usher in the Eighth New Year's day, is now facing the old students to collect "old students to" video, the video you must have many words want to say Chuanzhi podcasts, perhaps my thoughts, perhaps is the hope, maybe is a wonderful blessing......

Started by Marshall at December 19, 2016 - 9:47 AM

Video recording requirements are as follows:
Must contain 1 Video:
 Self introduction (name, * *, * * class / students, now in the * * * * company engaged in work) and to Chuanzhi podcasts message,
2 must stand in the company LOGO before the shooting, at the time of 2-10 minutes.,
The first 3 videos to youtube, and replies can be released, can increase their creativity.
Participation in the awards are as follows:
1 the video as long as meet the requirements to receive the 100 forum gold (100 gold coins can change what? How to earn more gold? ).
2 video works from the video quality, creative shooting, message content three step screening, excellent authors will be invited to participate in Chuanzhi podcasts group in 2014 New Year's Gala, share transfer Homo sapiens joy and moved, and can participate in on-site lottery win lucky gift Oh!!
Collection time deadline to December 26, 2013

Posted by Marshall at December 25, 2016 - 10:41 AM

The details of information

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