We looking for ROR...

Web application development technology responsible person

Proficient in ROR
Understanding: java, struts,JSP,java scirpt,ajax, mysql, linux
1, On the Web2.0 website development experience is preferred.

Located in Tsinghua Campus Joinlearn is online interactive learning and knowledge of Internet sharing websites based on web2.0. We aim to create interesting online knowledge learning and sharing sites. Through JoinLearn's unique service. Make any area students obtain interactive audio and video education service with real-time via the Internet. The team in the creation of the Joinlearn respectively before the long-term work in the media, the Internet. The risk investment. The Ministry of education and other institutions. A successful entrepreneurial experience. The multiple projects ever created successfully won the top VC risk investment.
The working mode of joinlearn
1 the ways of working and studying, Joinleran provides food, shelter, campus life support.
2 unique learning support plan, support learning for graduate school and work. And provide tuition for excellent staff.
3 advocate of Silicon Valley culture and online network office, like it, you can work in the dorm or at home.
Are interested please send resume email: joinlearn#gmail.com (please hand moving to # for @)
Have questions please give us email. promise to return: do not ask questions in the post). Did not get reply. Thank you!

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