Love is a very simple thing.

If you love someone, you will know everything about him, but do not need to ask him; if you don't love a person, even if he told you everything, you will forget.
What is love? Love is a feeling, a kind of taste, a physical reality beyond the sweet response, affecting the entire body and mind and sad mood, and great strength, more often than not to mind control, or simply unreasonable to say. Love is a dark night can see a bright light, feeling the warmth of love is the spring snow, love is a smiling face, is to meet, is the new hope, love is all, it is everywhere, love to read a good book, you would think, if he could see the good!
What is love? Love is happy, is sad, is intoxicated, is emotional, courage, trust, sincerity, considerate, acacia, miss, is sweet, wine is, is the oasis, is intoxicated, is happiness, is a sacrifice, is noble, is the dedication, responsibility. What is love? Love is when you think of this person, you will wish him happiness and peace, you will want to accompany him forever, when you have to leave, do you want to leave anything to him. Love is in the lonely night, thinking of the flood, hands holding the book but how also can not go in, the heart about him at this time to eat dinner there, is it right? And think of themselves as their own. Love is the weekend, made using a half day hands several goodvegetables satisfied her (him) to eat; is constantly in the cold winter she (he) of warm coffee; love is to see the flowers, want to enjoy together with him or her, love passes through the cliff shore, will you take to think regrettably: if two people together of all this is how enjoyable happy things!
What is love? Love is wanting to see him again afraid to see him, love is to want to talk to him and afraid to disturb him, love is silently to help him, love is not desire to choke, love saw him, put on a face without expression of care, but when carefully passed around the feelings of the air to vibrate to be, one can not help but look back; love is seeing a resembles his figure and froze in place a long time still in the strange street. Love is obviously cannot do without him, but had to give up him, hope he happiness, even if it is not happy to share with you. Love is together always feel time is too fast, love is life's companion in the lonely hearts.
What is love? All the smart people together, not to a do not feel the loving people to explain what it is, but it felt loved, and does not need any words to explain.
...The cigarette falls in love with a match, it is destined to be hurt... Do not say the love easily, The promise is a debt owed... Rats on the cat that I love you, The cat says you go away, Rats away tears, Who hasn't seen the mouse after walking the cat also flow a drop of tears, In fact, there is a love called to give up... If you were a tear in my eyes, I will never cry, Because I am afraid to lose you... A kite lifetime for a line of adventure... A woman is changing the face, Men are fickle heart... In the world of love, Who is not who I am sorry, Only who does not know how to cherish...... Could not tie up my heart don't say my stamen...... Leave leaf, Because the pursuit of the wind, Because the tree does not retain...... I'll always be your episode, But I will use my only hands pop up for you the most moving melody...
Maybe you feel very love him, but you never know what is love. Love is not a habit. And who together time long habit. Love a person is not always think of others as you want. You love him, you are in for his sake. Love a person not every hope he to comfort you. Love is not a person. You always feel that he will obey you. You love him you would care about him. Share with him. Instead he poured cold water on his lonely. He do fail. Maybe you just a few words of comfort to him to allow him to restore confidence. You don't tell him if you want to do.
Just look at your love. Really. Love is natural. Don't need to learn how to love. "I love you. Love quarrel with you. Love and you will get angry. I love you. When you are in front of friends brag when I'll expose your lessons. I love you think you are ignorant. Even if you know how to do it. I always tell the ring you must do. I will because you a little discord and his temper. When you angry, I will be nothing happened..." I love you in this way. What are your feelings.

Teach you how to love a person:
Love a person,
To understand, also want to kaixie,
  To apologize, but also thanks,
  To admit his fault, but also error,
  Be considerate, but also understanding,
  Is acceptable, rather than endure,
  Tolerance, and not condoned,
  Is to support, not dominate,
  It is sympathy, not questioned,
  Is telling, rather than complaints,
  It is memorable, but not forgotten,
  It is the mutual exchange, rather than explain everything,
  Silently praying for each other,
  Not to many other demands,
  Can be romantic, but not to waste,
  Hand at any time,
  But do not break easily.
  Separately, but also in the back?  
  If we do not come back.  
 Do not expect me is the man that you spend the whole life,  
  Only hope I gave you feel most imprint is engraved on my heart.,  
  Bearing in mind the life of gratitude the life-long person.

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