The IOS scripting language editor, hurry to try

Everybody is good, I is the script emperor. Always get help from the community and knowledge. Today to share some good Dongdong, I hope you love and support.
Study on IOS python, Lua, Perl, ruby has a lot of tools, but to have a "color code", "automatic association", "wrap", "wireless U disk and file system (support for open office, CHM, MP3, PDF, MP4, TXT, HTML...)" "System, execute the script" function is not much.
Here I mainly introduce "python2.7- programming language" :  
The python2.7- programming language features are as follows
The 1 code system, "color code", "automatic association", "special symbols" as shown below:

The 2 wireless U disk and file system, as shown below:

3 system features, can be selected to perform. As shown below:

4 horizontal screen. As shown below:

The powerful function of other application authors are above:
"The python3.3- programming language":
"The lua5.1.4- programming language":
"The lua5.2.1- programming language":
"The perl- programming language":
"The ruby- programming language":

Check the official website:
The author of all application: ;dkId=11&ids=490328393&section=0&softwareType=iPhone

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I saw a half day, as if it is to write a APP script editor, so much more slowly.~~

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Are you learning? So strong

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