Facebook and the Integration of Youtube

Facebook offers more and more opportunities for social communication, which also means that the operators of the site endeavor to enable users to use various services such as YouTube on their own pin board or chronicle.

The integration of images and photos is not news, it has been possible for years. Most users are certainly familiar with this useful and practical function. If you allow it, various apps can also have access to your own timeline, for example to automatically post blog content. To do this, you have to authorize the app beforehand. For example, if you “like” various fan pages, this action is also displayed on the pin board. What has also been possible for some time, but is little used especially by older or inexperienced users, is to include YouTube videos in the pinboard of the fansite. What this is good for and how it works will be explained in more detail in the following paragraph.

Why should you post videos on Youtube?

Youtube offers an unbelievable variety of different videos of all kinds. From private home videos to whoops videos to professional music videos, you can watch everything in different channels. If you find a funny video while browsing the YouTube database at night and nobody is there to laugh, it can make sense to post it on your own pin board. Among other things, this method is also the reason why some videos are so incredibly famous on the Internet. On the other hand, in addition to the fun aspects, YouTube also offers business advantages, such as its own YouTube channel.

How does the integration of videos on Facebook work?

It's actually pretty easy, you just have to know how to do it once. If you are currently on the YouTube page, it quickly becomes clear that there is no button or other link that allows you to post the respective video. Right-clicking on the video is also not a great help as it only takes you to the Flash player settings. So what to do

Possibility (1) to integrate manually:
The solution to the problem can be found in the address line. This Internet address that can be seen there leads directly to the video that you are currently watching. To enable Facebook friends to enjoy the short film you just found, simply copy this link - mark it - press Ctrl + C or Apple + C - and add it to the status line with Ctrl + V or Apple + V your own Facebook page. As soon as you click on “post”, Facebook automatically recognizes that this link is a video and loads the Flash player into the post so that it can be played directly.

Possibility (2) Automation via apps:
A so-called YouTube feed or channel via apps can also be integrated directly as a button! The channel then appears as a separate page within the fan page - you can use the call recorder app iphone 6 for this, which is easy to set up and automatically posts new videos in your own channel. As before, users can continue to subscribe to the Youtube Channel.

Started by Dan Swanson at September 30, 2020 - 3:13 AM