MongoDB introductory tutorial to install

MongoDB introductory tutorial to install

Started by Anita at December 03, 2016 - 11:41 AM

The installation of MongoDB very simple ah, or the development of more difficult, real application is the most difficult, interested friends can have a look this tutorial to explain profound theories in simple language "MongoDB application actual development (foundation, guide the development, system management, cluster and system architecture") 22, the entry to the master, a place.

The course arrangement:

The MongoDB Foundation:

The first lecture: NoSQL and MongoDB (NoSQL background, all kinds of NoSQL database is introduced, the characteristics of MongoDB)

The second section: MongoDB installation and configuration (MongoDB installation, basic system administration skills, using the web console)

Chapter 3: MongoDB shell detailed (MongoDB shell use and command, backup and recovery, data import and export)

Fourth: the concept of MongoDB documents, collection, database (introduced documents, collection, database and other basic concepts, library file storage mode, ordering rules)

Fifth: the Mongodb data type (detail MongoDB supports data types)

MongoDB Development Guide:

Sixth: MongoDB increase, delete, change the document (on MongoDB increase, delete, modify the file, insert the principle, batch modify, modifier used)

Seventh: a MongoDB query syntax (MongoDB explain in detail the powerful query function, $in, $or, $ne, $lt, $gt operators combination query)

Eighth: two (MongoDB query syntax to explain in detail the MongoDB powerful query features, the regular expression query, query, array embedded query)

Ninth: three (MongoDB query syntax to explain in detail the MongoDB where query, the cursor operation, query and code example, the cursor inside)

Tenth: the MongoDB index (MongoDB explain in detail the principle of the index, management, query analysis tools, the use of force index)

Eleventh: MongoDB polymerization Statistics (on MongoDB polymerization Statistics)

Twelfth: the working principle of MongoDB Advanced Guide - command (introduction of working principle of database command)

Thirteenth: MongoDB Advanced Guide - fixed set, GridFS (fixed set, introduces the principle and application of GridFS)

Fourteenth: MongoDB Advanced Guide - server script (the server script dbeval, JavaScript storage)

The MongoDB management system:

Fifteenth: advanced MongoDB system management 1 (monitoring system)

Sixteenth: advanced MongoDB system management 2 (database security, backup and recovery, data recovery)

MongoDB cluster and system architecture:

Seventeenth: MongoDB replication (MongoDB explain in detail the master-slave replication set, management, maintenance)

Eighteenth: functional copy of MongoDB set (MongoDB explain in detail the replica set, management, maintenance)

Nineteenth: MongoDB piecewise function (MongoDB explain in detail the establishment, management, maintenance division)

Lecture twentieth: inside the MongoDB (depth analysis of MongoDB system architecture, data file structure principle)

MongoDB application case:

Twenty-first: MongoDB general account management system based on the development of 1

Twenty-second: general account management system based on MongoDB 2

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