The extra information needs to be gathered from ST with an aim to reveal if he has been encountering stress, tension or depression, since these factors may be the root causes of sleep deprivation. ST likewise needs to be inspected of sleep apnoea, which is a disorder when one snores and has insufficient air intake. Due to this condition, a person is likely to wake up from sleep in order to get enough air to breath. Consequently, it may lead to sleep disorders. ST additionally needs to give a record of any other ailment he may be experiencing as this may also be a real cause of this complication.

This information is important as ST may be encountering sleep deprivation because of his physical conditions. From the beginning, ST complained about a respiratory condition that had been bothering him for a long time. Again, the identity essay explains the sleeping disorder might be caused by the medication ST had been using, because insomnia may be a side effect of some drugs. Consequently, ST needs to be aware of the related effects that might be connected to the breathing treatment that he has been using.

The medication of primary insomnia will start with educating ST about the sleep problem and suitable sleep hygiene methods. In this case, the basics of good sleep hygiene will have to be defined in patient education. Before treatment starts, ST will be asked to uphold a sleep diary for about two weeks as it will provide a clearer image of the sleep problem and permit development of strategic treatment. Sedation medications might also be prescribed, since they have an effect on the cerebrum making one feel drowsy and causing sleep.


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