As a developer of mobile platform two years, how I use?

As the two developers, I use Appwiz (you can go to their Chinese website for more information) platform for two months. This two month profit before me a year and a half of the profit was flat.
So I would like to recommend the platform, the profit pattern of innovation makes me to have to share with you, together with everyone to make money.
This platform to pay the developer mode is 1 according to the new user application paid every 1000 new users (domestic or USA) to (the developer can also pay about 60 yuan) 2 with ordinary mobile platform in the application of advertising profit (number according to the user's click and download advertising). Most of my salary from the first form. All developers know, advertising revenue is luck, users don't click and do not download the full see mood. But with the first form, my daily 10000 downloads can be exchanged for 600 yuan, regardless of my users do not click on my application in advertising, this 600 RMB is fixed to earn.
In fact, such a model in foreign countries has been formed, the company is the first to do this kind of mode in china. Hope that the developers can seize the opportunity. Hope I can do good to be able to help.
Finally, to give you this month to see my to downloads and revenue.

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Came to this forum, and top.

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Came to this forum, and top.

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