Windows phone8 based on articles (a) the environment and the project structure

One thing very egg pain, these two days are always ready to learn about the development of windows Phone8, but couldn't find any good information, either on the basis of information are not very. Today to rearrange it, simply start from today, the development of Windows Phone as a learning process, take notes are sorted out a copy, but also convenient to study with me friends. Learning together in order to facilitate all of us and discuss, I opened a group of 300143953. Specifically on the Windows Phone Development Learning Group. Because the group has just opened, so no one, welcome.
1 build environment
1.1 environmental requirements
A. operating system is windows8 64 bit version
The remaining space B. system disk at least 8G
C. memory space of at least more than 4G
D.Windows phone simulator is based on the hyper-V, the need to support CPU 2 level geological conversion technology (need virtualization technology, start or restart the hyper-V service)
1.2 installation of the development tool
The book records 1:

1 you can download a visual Studio 2012 beta or version specifically for the Windows Phone Development, Phone Emulator simulator.
3.Windows phone Expression Blend for Windows Phone XAML is the UI design tools, the development of Silverlight programs, can be combined with VS2012 to develop, quite NX.

2 personal experience:

a) Download the beta version of a VS2012, this version has integrated the development needs of the environment, and he sent a SDK,
b) Download the SDK offline version of a VS2012 installation.

Application of 2 to create windows phone8
2.1 to create a hello application project Word
1 new Windows Phone Application:
a) Open the VS2012
b) Select the file menu,
c) Select the new new Project application windows phone, the new project.
(recommended English version download time download, I was wrong, just make do with it)
Select windows Phone SDK version 2

The 3 program code

A meeting that was opened, a toolbox he left, I think it should be called tools, it should be able to find, select textBlock and button onto the inside of the mobile phone box, who would click event, just double-click on the WHO. For example, double-click the button, is the button click event.
The following code:
private void button1_Click(object sender,RoutedEventArgs e){
textBlock1.Text = "Hello word";
His meaning is to click the button, the value is assigned to TextBlock

Analysis of Hello Windows phone 2.2
In the application of Windows Phone in the project, his composition is what kind of? He probably can be divided into the following sections:

Other (picture)

The manifest file list:
2.2.1 MainPage.xaml file: This is the equivalent of the Android layout file.
phone:PhoneApplicationPage, The root node is mainly explained the current application for phone mobile phone development, any of these namespaces are some constraints and references. The namespace is defined as follows:
1>Xmlns represents the default space, if there is no prefix in the UI inside space "which belongs to the default namespace, such as Grid tags have no added, it belongs to the space.
2>Xmlns:x represents the exclusive name space, such as a space which has a property named Name, then the x:Name represents the XAML name space
3>Xmlns:phone included in the drinking DLL control
4>Xmlns:shell included in the miscroft.sell reference DLL, this file can help management life cycle.
5>Xmlns:d presents some design data, and the application of the real operation will help us to ignore these runtime data.
6>Xmlns:mc layout compatibility, here mainly with D to use, it contains the Ignorable property, you can ignore the design time data at runtime
Your sister, writing is really a mouthful, on article always make people boring.
A simple personal understanding.:
Simple to understand is that the control belongs to the application. Then the application will use the statement where the DLL file, and some simple constraints. Oh, just to see. Otherwise, I wrote it myself I don't know what to write. Not to change.
LayoutRoot is the root of Grid phoneApplicationPage, all the pages are all located in layoutroot,
TitlePanel is a two TextBlock controls StackPanel, this is equivalent to a panel. The two controls were text1 and text2.text1 "text" is said to display in the text name. Later on these attributes in turn introduce.
2.2.2 NainPage.xaml.cs file
Application is for loading the entire application. If you need in the application program loading the same style of words, need to add the common pattern on this node. The Application.ApplicationLifetimeObjects tab in the customize I start process of the application program, program closed re activation, activation process to lose, this time in APP.xmal.cs are described.
2.2.4 App.xaml.cs file
The app.xaml.cs file is a control of the application of the global file, the application of the life cycle are defined and processing in the file, so here also involves a problem, Windows Phone life cycle is what kind.?
Start - run - "" close "ban" - - activation
Life cycle.:
Start (Launching): This refers to when you click a application program, the program is started, the instance is created, when the application is started, the start event, the application should be reading all of the necessary data from an independent storage to create a new application procedures for the users of the painting process, the application should not recover from the previous application instance. Note: mutex activate event.
Really boring ah at night. What is simple to understand, that is to say when we from the mobile phone interface to open the program, this belongs to the start, which is launching.
Run (Running) when the event is triggered, a program started running. When the application is running, users browse the application can carry out corresponding operation.
Close (Closing) when the program is running, the user in accordance with the back button, always according to the program exits, this application will be closed. In the process of closing, the application should save all to persistent data storage space in a separate,
Ban (Deactivating) if an application is running in the foreground, then operating system is another application of the replacement or cover, will trigger. For example, the most common lock screen.
Activation (Activating) this means that when banned after the procedure appears again in the application, the program may continue to run, it belongs to the active state. To prohibit the gadgets to activate. This understanding is a bit lame.
2.2.5 WMAppManifest.xml file
This document is mainly contains a specific metadata to Windows Phone Silverlight applications related to manifest file, record the relevant application properties, description and for special functions Windows Phone Silverlight with the included. Under the App node some attribute meaning as follows:
A list of GUID string ProductID represents the application
The default name of Title application program
RuntimeType application is Silverlight or XNA class
Version version of the application
Genre when the application is Silverlight for apps.normal
Author author name
Description of a Description application
The Publisher and push messages are.
<Capabilities>Describe an application can use the functions, for example, can use the network, can use the built-in media cabinet etc.
<Tokens>Contains the icon program related or tiles set.
<.ScreenResolutions>The three screen adaptation

2.2.6 AppMainfest.xml file

This file is the file the application manifest required for an application package
2.2.7 AssemblyInfo.cs file
This mainly includes the name and version of the element data, the data will be embedded into the generated assembly.

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