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In this section, we describe an Index Tuning Wizard for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 that automates this challenging administrative task while achieving performance competitive with that of systems cared for by DBAs. The tool was conceived in the AutoAdmin research project [1] at Microsoft the goal of which is to develop technology to ensure that database systems have sharply reduced administration overhead and total cost of ownership. The index-tuning wizard is the result of collaborative work between Microsoft Research and SQL Server.How to translate?

Started by Will at November 25, 2016 - 1:25 PM

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In this section, we describe an index adjusted for Microsoft SQL Server 7, automate this challenging administrative tasks at the same time achieve competitive performance system is a database administrator wizard. The tool is envisaged in the autoadmin research project [1] in Microsoft's goal is to develop techniques to ensure the database system, greatly reduces the management cost and total cost of ownership. Research on the collaborative work between the Index Tuning Wizard results, Microsoft SQL Server.

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o(︶︿︶)O Google this is the result? I'm Google, context does not take, so fool to teacher is not good.

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