The IOS training institutions.

IOS training institutions subversive innovation
Everybody has experience to the mobile phone terminal era has brought great changes to our life, and in this time, apple as the row
Industry leaders we were lucky enough to enjoy the incomparable magical experience, it is the "new era" of a pen.
Apple's unpopular Herald IOS developers serious shortage, the enterprise is hired, it is inspired in some IOS training institutions, on the surface, IOS training institutions is a mature market, but we see out of the ordinary phenomenon, first from capital strength, due to the outbreak of the developer gap, some IOS training institutions to provoke a little fur teacher, harm the students.
Second from the training institutions in the hardware conditions, due to the development of IOS is slightly high, must be professional apple were studied, some training institutions lie will install a virtual machine can, this is very irresponsible.
Third from the training course arrangement, remember, don't listen to IOS training 1-2 months to learn.

It is important, I think, training business model to entrap people who want to learn to seek profits is not acceptable in the future, subversive to do, make training the first free, finished school and then by the user to judge the good and the bad, the change is to subvert the business model, the current industry, Chuanzhi podcasts is the subversion of the leader.

I think the changes it brings to the Chinese IT training is, First we destroy the guise of training institutions in the industry, At least not now where companies dare to openly put up a pageantry of the training institutions do cover, Second control the development of bad training industry, Because the original training companies are profit driven, Just for the training institutions inside not universal, Most people want to learn are not protected, These black industry chain can earn money, He can earn money what method you couldn't, Because "the civil Zhangs", So through the implementation of training the first free admission, The user has reduced the threshold, In fact, you let the students find a good job., He is very willing to 1-2 months of wages to pay the tuition, He is very grateful to give him a chance to change the destiny of, The, Certainly the training institutions reputation will be better and better, Because it is done for the users want.
So the training institutions played a "catfish" role in the industry, he certainly isn't the biggest training institutions, may be others 1/20, even smaller, at most only survival, if companies than up, they dare to touch a tiger, and often can always come up with this method of subversive finally, forcing large companies not to change or adjustment.
"Don't follow the rules. "I don't know is a bad word, in business, I think should abide by the law and moral, two points, to have a moral bottom line, do not tell lies, is responsible for the user, in addition to the two, I think the business rules, are used to break, because the rules originally no, but is used by others, if everyone stick in the mud, the family name is no innovation.
For now Micro message, it not leather SMS life? But Tencent do Micro message more mature than the US, they don't hold a banner, but quietly, even shoot all don't, but in fact it formed a revolutionary, most can not say it.

Started by Edwiin at November 28, 2016 - 11:44 AM

Support the landlord! No training institutions conscience should let him disappear in the society, so as not to waste more time and money, if you have this understanding, training institutions will develop towards a good direction.!

Posted by Dana at December 06, 2016 - 12:03 PM

Thank you for your support~!!!

Posted by Edwiin at December 16, 2016 - 12:59 PM

Uh huh, but, I do not intend to engage in IOS, with Microsoft mixed WP

Posted by Josie at December 27, 2016 - 1:33 PM