Are there the Stereotype of Sexualized Latina Women in the Current Media?

Modern people dedicate much time to entertainments proposed by the society. Thus, the current culture influences people’s views and forms their notions and conceptions about many subjects and phenomena. TV is one of the ways people spend their time and, correspondingly, it provides people with much information. The matter of fact is that some people take everything provided by the media as absolutely undoubted facts without any investigations. The confused role of women of color in the current media is one of such examples. After a detailed research, it becomes clear that stereotypes take the major part in viewers’ outlook. The paper investigates the difference between Latina characters and real representatives of this culture. It also enlightens distinctive features of Latina women on the basis of the TV series Modern Family.

The series Modern Family was released in 2009 in America. The character under discussion is Gloria, a Colombian woman who combines all the characteristics attributed to Latinas. She has dark hair and skin, big eyes and sexy figure in general. Her temper is really hot, and she cannot avoid fiery reaction and strong expression of emotions. She is very attractive physically and uses this to obtain a man. This is the set of features proclaimed to be obvious for Latina women.

The images are usually over-sexualized, and it leads to serious problems when it comes to the native representatives of Latina women. Many Latina actresses face the problem of stereotypes. They are hardly given the roles except seductive, sexy women who entice men or just embody sex. Moreover, the existence of such ideology harms the great amount of women who do not possess so brightly evident characteristics given above. It is a psychological factor, but it plays a great role in people’s perception.

Returning to the film under discussion, it is obvious that the actress performing Gloria is Sofia Vergara, the Colombian, and she provides the character very natural-looking. The history of her relationship with the second husband in the series begins when she serves him some beverage wearing just bikini. The role of passionate Latina woman comes through the whole plot of the film.

Thus, the Modern Family is one of the current media containing the character that is a collective stereotype of the contemporary society. Gloria is a heroine representing an example of sexualized Latina women. This stereotype includes the number of features connected with exotic and sexy appearance and passionate fiery emotions. The behavior of Latinas’ representatives due to the stereotype desires to be better. These women are considered to be connected with physical side of relationship mainly or to do such disgusting things as enticing men and separating families on the basis of it. The intellectual faculties of Latina women are not praised and enlightened as very high or strong. These women are presented as those doing everything on the basis of constant feelings and decisions.

As a result, many people not only imagine Latina women only due to a certain model, but they also believe they know how this cast of women can behave. This is a very frightening fact, because people do not check the information. They just get used to the data represented by many sources of modern culture and take it as a fact. It is very important not to forget that stereotypes are just stereotypes, but the real life and facts of it are different from them. The representatives of one nation can have some common features connected with the history and traditions, but all people differ.

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