Teacher Salaries Becoming A Cause Of Concern For Government

Teacher salaries are something that will always be the front focus of every academic institution. The management needs to ensure that they are keeping the teachers’ salaries according to the economy or else they can easily go on strike which can have negative impacts on the students. There have been cases when students had to rely on other means and request others to “do my essay for me” just so could they submit their work on time. The main reason for looking elsewhere for help is because, in some schools, teachers have gone on strike due to non-payment.

There is no doubt that salaries for teachers would vary from city to city; however, the UK education government must ensure that the average is kept the same for all the people. Moreover, there is also the need for teachers to understand that demanding an increase in salaries after every 3-4 months is not justified. This can only be done if the government is honest about the funding aspect with the school management and staff. This would reflect positively on the teachers as they would be willing to take care of the students first, rather than opting for the strike.

Started by Anna Marsh at January 14, 2020 - 5:40 AM