Why Setting Boundaries with Strangers Is Important

Boundaries are a spoken or unspoken set of rules which are used to create a distinction between the behavior of other people that you are comfortable with, with regards to the self. The restrictions you set for other people demonstrate the things that make you feel uncomfortable. As a result, you have the power to control the way someone interacts with you.

Personal and professional boundaries create a space in which a mutual sense of respect can be constructed. These regulations are a way in which you can allow others to hear you out, so they can respect your wishes.

When it comes to setting boundaries for the self, most people are hesitant. This happens because of the conflicting human desire to be liked by everyone, always. However, in addition to being impossible, this wish is also impractical.  If you don’t set certain boundaries for yourself, you are:

Prioritizing other people’s needs over your own

When you reject the idea of setting restrictions for the people around you, you are ultimately providing them with the power to make you uncomfortable. You are handing the control of yourself and your external environment over to them. Instead of focusing on what you need, you are more concerned with fulfilling the needs of others- even if they do not deserve it.

Prioritizing yourself does not make you a vain or self-centered person. On the contrary, it makes you more confident, powerful and professional.

Not being authentic to yourself

The only person in the world whom you owe something is yourself. By not setting boundaries, you are robbing yourself of the right to lead an authentic and comfortable life.

Some people may perceive your honesty as being unkind. However, it is not about them. Your life should be lived in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Thus, if a stranger is invading your bubble of peace, you need to be honest.

Protecting other’s feelings

The way someone else feels is not your problem. If someone feels hurt by the fact that you are protecting yourself, then that individual is exactly the type of person you need to set boundaries with. While it may make many people uncomfortable, as long as you feel the opposite, way, your boundary setting has achieved its objective.

However, there are certain rules which you must adhere to when you set these principles. The restrictions you impose on other people should only be placed if they are harming you or causing you discomfort in any way.  For instance, you can set boundaries in the ensuing situations:

  • If a stranger on the bus is invading your personal space.
  • If a co-worker is indecently communicating with you.
  • If a person is hugging you or engaging in physical contact for an extended period.
  • If an elderly is making you uncomfortable with their ‘harmless’ flirtatious statement.
  • If someone is texting you a lot.
  • If someone is being verbally controlling.

Consider boundary-setting like hiring essay help online. It is not something that you should have to do, but the circumstances of life have led you there.

Started by Smith Sera at November 25, 2019 - 9:23 PM