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Ah ah finishing eyes hurt but still finishing a bit chaotic hoping to bring you help you very want to cherish the fruits of my labor. Xie Xielo

Methods (1)

For so long, always looking for opportunities to sum up the experience and methods of them, but I remember this programming Road, very difficult to say clearly, if all the road I walk, is obviously not possible! When I read the cloud wind "game journey -- feeling" and Liang Zhaoxin's "programming programming proverbs master" suddenly I know I want where to start, I want to say.!
From the contact programming now has at least 6 years, Although the time is short, But I almost every day in the series, While programming or make a spurt of progress in recent one or two years, Simple programming progress, Easy is the experience, But you must understand before they can progress faster! That is to say, Course you should learn, To learn programming, Operating system, Network theory, Computer architecture, Data structure, Compilation principle, Where do you learn the bad, You don't deserve to be master of programming, I have seen the master, These schools are good! These are the pillars of computer, You even don't know its pillar, How to program, Even if you write the program good -- there is only one reason, You are using a high-level language or a scripting language, As they closed a lot of low language details, So you don't have to know you can write, You don't understand the low-level details you do become master!
Explain what programming
I think a lot of classmates now, don't know nothing about programming! I tell you now, simple programming, namely know grammar knowledge of programming, not programming, only simple grammar programming even junior programmer than!
Programming is not only your mastery of grammar, you need to take various mixed into the inside, that's when you programming, programming, you should ask yourself, your program algorithm? Your program written in simple enough? Fast enough? Space small enough? Code written specifications? Statements written standard? Structure of your program is reasonable? Your class definitions, right? Methods and properties of reasonable? The interface is reasonable? And so on and so on, contain a lot of things! This is a senior programmer why make so much money! To pay a considerable mental labour!
Debugging is also very important to you, a master program, and debug expert, actually debug many methods, but most of them are obtained in practice!

Now people to learn computer errors.
I now every hardware and assembly instructions, C, and C++ or some low layer API deal, sometimes programming this thing is very clear, only you have experienced, you can feel, you have no experience, never experience the!
I want to correct some misunderstanding now learn computer man now, I wanted to answer was, what to learn is to learn computer!
Two directions of computer science: one is pure in theory, one is engaged in practice. In theory, no ground for blame, everyone recognized is the school computer. Then practice? It is difficult for me to give a definition, but I will list those who really study computer science:
(1)Programming, the programming, I will throw in a FLASH, PHOTOSHOP, 3DMAX and so on, although they also have language, but to the art staff! It is almost closed the low-level details of a large number of, for a computer person, if you study hard, you still don't learn the computer, to learn the art to! Webpage programming can be exposed to at least two types of language, HTML, and ASP or JSP (PHP), HTML to tell you the truth, should not be computer science, you should learn is ASP, JSP etc.!
In the strict sense (but not so strict) if your main required language, Not c , c++, JAVA, Or hardware instruction, Is not really learn computer, I say, I for example, For example, you use the JSP, It is a script language, If you use this language, Do you think you make good use of the language to understand the hardware structure of knowledge? Obviously not, If you are a JSP programmer, You need only, JSP grammar, Some simple JAVA language, SQL, knowledge database, The rest of you don't need anything., As for the analysis of process, It is a systems analyst., Don't be confused and programming, I learn JSP learned 3 months, We buy now will make a fully functional online bookstore (then the teacher assignments), If more effort, It can be cast as the use of! Say so, JSP don't need too many professional knowledge, Not learn the computer and it is very easy to learn!
C++, I have learned a good few years, used to write procedures have hundreds of thousands of lines, I also dare not say in my school! Because it is too flexible! Different people, using effect is not the same!
So in the strict sense, if the main required language, you are not C, c++, JAVA, or hardware instruction, is not really learn the computer, that is to say, learning the computer professional knowledge does not need too much knowledge of the language, is not called computer science!
(2)In the practice of the pure software method, software engineering, if you're not into it is difficult to understand the importance of a large project, want, a program, hundreds of thousands, millions of lines of code, can be realized, so good and run, it's no small contribution!
(3)In the low level hardware development, here may engage in electronic professional some overlap, but that's the way it is, they also learn the computer!
The rest, install the system, computer equipment, others use the compiled software pictures music function, that is all the computer layman, not to be confused with the real computer science!
I am often asked:
You may steal the QQ? I halo, computer science will be able to steal QQ?
Can you install computer? Although I will, but not is not shameful
You will install the system? Although I will, but not is not shameful
And so on, a lot of, through I explained above, you should understand computer science should be what, not what it should be!

Officially to enter the topic, how to learn programming!

, The world as if only these two are Chinese wrote about the experience of programming book, Many Chinese programming good people, But it is difficult to write method! The first "game journey -- feeling" programming front several chapter is written by cloud wind programming experience, The following chapter is about the programming experience! The whole book is easy to read! "Programming proverbs master" difficult book, In particular, the operating system to write the chapter! As the author says, To really write a programming methodology difficult book! The book before a few Zhang summarized the current Chinese software in the form of, I strongly recommend that we see, To write the classic! I don't know what is the difference between a program and software, Now I know! The following piece of writing is the programming method and programming knowledge!

Summary of two of them said, I'm ready to write programming method according to the following outline!

1. If you are interested in computer science, is a glorious, if you are not interested, then it is hell.!
2. The theory is very important for you, especially if you a technical program engineer!
3. Learn to study, learn to think, learn to cooperate and exchange!
4. To become a master, must from the bottom up, what is the bottom? CPU, assembly and other hardware instruction!
5. Programming need to accumulate experience, learn to debug are extremely important to you!
6. Grasp the overall situation of the whole project, specific to the properties and methods of each class and the relationship between the various classes of! Make sure you design class mode and the relationship between classes can effectively, to modify and upgrade! Summary is software engineering

Below I will respectively about
A. If you are interested in computer science, is a glorious, if you are not interested, then it is hell.!

I often hear many students said, he became interested in computer, but with the study in the University, feeling more and more boring and even tired! The reason why you think so, don't blame you! Transformation from examination oriented education in senior high school to university free of the study way, we almost do not adapt, to a university, there is a sudden feeling of liberation, tough indicates no teacher learning, I don't know how to learn, what to learn! Therefore, education on our very irresponsible!
If you already know what's going on in the University before programming, then to nothing! But it seems very few people like clouds and wind that childhood exposure to programming education! So we're not before university is almost zero!
In fact, According to my understanding, Just on the University began to learn programming some late, I say, Not simply because the programming is very difficult, If you work hard, A few years can get, The other you to our experience will be helpful! Here I want to say is, A real programmer must not only have strong strength of programming, Must have strong theoretical backing! You will only programming, Without a strong theoretical backing, You can't put the theory into the actual code, You will not make effective, High skills program! In computer theory, Graph theory, Artificial intelligence and so on are difficult theory, But if you can make them effective in computer field, Kindness knows no bounds. Very few people can do this, Originally the best programmers rarely, A sophisticated theory of technology and its application is also very rare!
(Here you can recommend a book "game programming in artificial intelligence technology", the book aside traditional automata, production, artificial intelligence theory, various kinds of traditional rules, but in terms of more advanced computational intelligence -- genetic algorithm, artificial neural network! This book, not pure theory, also combined with the c++ language to achieve a variety of game theory! Sometimes the abstract theory is based on a mathematical basis, if there is no certain mathematical foundation is difficult to understand, but it is because it is mathematical proof is correct, so it is feasible! To put it in language is impressive!)
So, if you love the computer, in the University before, you should be a master program, and the University, mainly specializes in all kinds of technology, and various techniques of learning, if you put him in the work, it may be difficult, my classmates to participate in the work, very few continue to look at the books because of technical books, very difficult, is not about two can understand, there are several such endurance and energy to make the! How do these implementation in programming, are waiting to foreigners, we COPY, so that we can powerful software technology?
But in the University before becoming a master of programming is almost impossible, we did not have a good learning programming environment, but they also face a variety of senior high school entrance examination, the pressure of college entrance examination, almost no opportunity to learn programming! In fact, primary school, middle school, high school, the curriculum is not necessary to repeat the review as we, repeated question, wasting a lot of time, we have to learn what? Learn a skill, able to cope with the changes of skills, is learning, learn to think, learn to solve their own problems, learn teamwork! Elementary education, play very good slogan, in fact, completely suppressed this learning mode.!
So we should be to the fastest speed, In the university face into a love of computers atmosphere! Speaking of which it is difficult to, The contemporary university students confused! Do not know, Some know the good programming, But talking! Some people, Write some code, The problem, Cannot debug, Give up! Everybody like this, So in the bedroom as a unit without programming, With the gradually computer unit school gradually programming! Indeed our computer teacher, Rarely programming, We should know, Chinese computer introduction and development in 20 years, Such is the older generation, The establishment of these computer theory, They are not programming behoove, The main research theory of University Teachers, Abroad is, Because the theory is too difficult!
So the university learning programming to fully test yourself, you need to have confidence, have the will to learn it can, and this process is a gradual! The fastest way to find your programming, hobbies and interests!
I introduce a few methods, ways of learning, I hope you can find interesting, at least I do, remember if you fall, you should stand up
1. Must like programming, or programming is severe, or regular programming people, together, often study! Programming beginners there will be many problems, you are very difficult to solve their own
2. I suggest that VB learning and C, This is my advice! Why do I say that? If you start learning C, You will be tired all day in the DOS, No image of the program! If you just learn WINDOW programming will be difficult, So I suggest VB, VB this is a simple grammar, May soon see you write a program picture, So you will become like programming, No picture is very boring, Don't you think so? I think so, You write a good, No picture is also very difficult to visually see! VB is the most simple language! There is no complex grammatical structure of C, Program error probability C is rarely, Because the VB letter like good, To help you solve the complex process! In fact, like JAVA, MFC, c#Can be VB effect, But to use relatively difficult!
C is we must learn, it is a very close to the bottom of the language! If you want to become a master, should learn this! C is a process oriented language, its grammar is not difficult, you use it for about a year and a half or so, you can master it, remember that you need more practice, to do the procedure, mainly algorithm procedures, it is best to keep your textbook exercises to do after. Almost all of us learn is Tan Hao Qiang book, this book, I began to think that is very good, but I see a lot of foreign books, and many foreign people hit by the code, and domestic senior programmer's words, I can only say that this book, can you start, but can't let you a deeper understanding of language. But if you ask me what books for beginners, I will introduce this book. C is the essence of the pointer, you can make flexible use of pointer almost equal you master the C language, it is an efficient syntax, fast so that you can not imagine, I have feeling very much, much slower in VB.
So what do we learn VB, very simple, do WINDOWS procedures, controls, the use of database and so on, there is a very important is the data structure, you can practice your learning, various computer algorithms, soon be shown graphically! You now know that these can, so after you learn the true WINDOWS programming, you will have a deep understanding of what you previously realized something, what is API, what is the dynamic link library, what are the controls, such as VB, MFC such a thing, what letter like what make me so simple they used up!
3 if you can do so, the above two points, (with your major, if you work very hard, in about 1 years) I think you will be interested in the computer! You love to learn computer gradually into the atmosphere! There are two directions you want to do, one is to learn other computer science courses, two is based on the consolidation of C language, you can choose to learning c++ or WINDWOS programming! The two to learn what does not matter. The top 10 professional course, remember your university to study mathematics, discrete mathematics, data structure, compiling principle, assembly, database, computer architecture, operating system, computer network, software engineering, you should try your best to learn to use them well, this is the entire computer system essence, these are throughout each other, interrelated you may learn a department, did not understand, but the other, may understand! Remember, when you learn programming at the same time, we must learn these theories, you will benefit bandit shallow later.
4. You think C or VB no problem, Or do you learn to WINDOWS programming, Remember you must have an idea, To do a small program, The game is also good, Small software application., Can, This step, You must do, You will learn a lot of things! During this period, You will encounter a lot of problems, You have to think about themselves, Ask someone else, How to find information online! But you do the procedure, Better not COPY others, If you are to do their own, They want, You reap the greatest, Even if you are to imitate someone else's program, You use your own ideas., Also! Secondly, You can COPY part of the code, As his. When you think of you, know how to achieve, when writing the code is just a waste of time, but also the efficiency you write no ready-made high code efficiency, you can complete the COPY, but if you are a beginner, you don't do it! Otherwise you will depend on it, one day really let you write, you will not start! So at the beginning, you can try COPY, gradually get rid of dependence on them, then get rid of, this time, you can always rely on them.
5. During the University, there are experimental course for many applications, you want to do, do it the harvest is their own, can also be used as a small project their own! University added during the experiment course, basically independent programming or the total number of small software team independent writing should be no less than 7, 8, if you do the procedures, can be less!
Above, I put if told the learning computer entry and bring your interest you! I believe in you as I do, there should be no problem! For each detail, I will be with you in the next write!

Two. The theory is very important for you, especially if you a technical program engineer!

The university all the courses are almost always for a theory! The university is the best chance you learning theory, because we do not understand can ask the teacher, the teacher will help us solve! Of course, some teachers is rubbish, it is necessary to solve your own! The top 10 professional courses I mentioned above, are the foundations for your future study other theory. You can't for the life of a teacher for help, after learning the other theory is to rely on their own, so, learning 10 professional courses at the same time in you, to learn their own problems! If you go to university to do after the webpage, you don't need to learn this writing, at the same time, you will never be a master!
We learn mathematics, it is really too important, almost all science is built on the basis of. Let everyone be master of mathematics is not possible, we have neither the time nor the energy to do so abstract things, is what we should do, after the encounter and mathematics related things, can understand it!
Although I have long time no see university textbooks, But I also clearly know what to learn? Limit, Derivatives, Differential, Integral, Space vector geometry, Multiple differential, The multiple integral! Fu Liye transform, And so on to! In fact, these greatly with the development of Physics, The simulation technology is now so badly, Built in physics! I hope all of you, In understanding the real meaning of, Not only do! Tactical sea title is not only a waste of time, Also a waste of energy! Limit: it, Is the argument to enter a value value, We can say that the 0.999999, when the 9 enter infinite, The limit is 1, Otherwise, say 0.999999 is 1, No., If there are no conditions 9 enter the infinite, Is wrong! The limit is the conditional! So that no matter what to learn, You must be the concept of clear, You have to learn, It is built on the concept of the, If you don't understand these concepts, After you there is no way to learn!
Here I am not about mathematics, is what I want to say, you learn to be solid, the foundation should be firmly, the concept to understand thoroughly, rote learning is not! If you don't know what is the reality and its meaning, you don't know what are you studying!
Discrete mathematics:
This is actually a theory of the most difficult subjects, estimated to be able to speak it good teachers are scanty!
Set, Propositional logic, Predicate logic, Number theory, Fig., Group, Ring, Domain! Some very simple, Graph theory and it's hard! I don't do more than say here, Because I didn't understand, Too difficult, Group, Ring, Domain, Can I even their basis in reality not to! They are difficult to, Is difficult for us to let into the mysterious ways of thinking, Into thinking too hard, Only by our perception, Because of scanty these real strong man, To guide our is rarely, I don't understand the true meaning of group, I do not have to check some relevant information, But I know, The mathematical theory and abstract, Are not imaginary, It must be based on the reality of it, It appears there is a background.
Data structure:
Data structure is a very important subject, it is entirely built on the basis of practice, that is to say, you have to hit the code. It is dependent on the language in a certain degree of. I know, the first study data structure, which is hardly practical, the brain is almost a blank, just before the test, repeated review what speaking, simulation execution process can only manual, the algorithm into a program is always a mystery. But I think this is enough, because any theory only in the understanding of it, you can override it, then a qualitative leap on himself, on their own to those algorithms into code, in their own ideas, can put the appropriate data structure with the idea to realize, this requires hard work on the computer, is absolutely. A senior programmer, absolutely is a hard effort. This put his ideas into the code, you also think independently, remember thinking is very important, he is you capture your inspiration, thinking, inspiration came very quickly, and your inspiration will tell you, for it, you can do it, this is all about the results, I'm not a thinker, but I know, my daily meditation to the world, to guide me found that too much why answer, why this world is like this, what hides behind it, let us brave assumptions!! Do program, the program will change your thinking, this is absolutely wrong.
Compilation principle:
In fact, the compiler principle and assembly language, operating system, is closely related, the compiler is in the operating system, language. In the compiler, in addition to speak to compile the source code into the target program, also introduces the automata theory is widely used, this is also very important. In artificial intelligence, a lot of grammar, word class of things is very important. Compiler theory and language are complementary to each other, Not only learn language compilation, Cannot really understand the language, And the compiler is in the language on the basis of, No language understanding to learn compilation, Now the compiler principle most University speak languages are based on a process oriented, But I think enough, Do you really understand what it was all about the compilation, In depth study of object oriented language, You will compile a good grasp of the object oriented, A good grasp of the object oriented language, Distribution in the intermediate code semantic analysis after the generation and dynamic storage space, Have a lot of contact and assembly, I'm learning assembly time, Always put the requirements of the subject written in C language, In the transformed into assembly language, This is a kind of intermediate code generation imperceptibly, Although it is not exactly the same, But let you grasp the intermediate code generation is enough. Dynamic storage space allocation, mainly based on the dynamic space to which the pointer points. Because the non pointer variables at compile time has memory allocation, it is compiled to do.
Most students are 8086, I recommend using the TD compiler, very good development environment. As the program debugging is the most important, has not made the program is that debugging is how difficult, good development environment is helpful to effective development program. Personal opinion, learning assembly and computer together, mainly is the instruction system, about CPU when the knowledge. Assembly is the lowest, the fastest language, sometimes in order to speed had to use the compilation to achieve the desired function, I think the master degree of the assembly, as long as you can make a recursive function can be, you know a lot of instructions, register usage, computer storage data and code in a way, a way of calling a function, the stack is how to achieve the function, you will develop a deep, believe me, must be on the implementation of a recursive function, plus your understanding of the C language, and some programming knowledge, you will be able to handle almost all assembler.
In the university where I had no contact with too large projects, but also ordinary programming on the database in depth is not much, just reached the basic knowledge of online bookstore requires, first is the ER map, a variety of paradigms, and data flow diagram, how uses the language to insert data, delete, search and so on, in fact, you should not engage in theory the deep, to the specific data storage efficiency level, I think the program is sufficient, but for advanced database programmer, this is not enough.
For this is very important to study the compilation and C language, because some of these languages have not shield the details of hardware, VB almost completely shielding the details of hardware, you don't need to know much knowledge of hardware. But learning C language compilation and you don't have to learn to make the connection between CPU and memory, as long as we know the running mechanism of them, but the one thing you do not doubt, that is the signal he is so interesting, funny that you cannot imagine its speed and high or low level of the transfer, but the fact is such, you need not doubt, admit it, because we cannot explain the rules, can only use it. Principles of software programmers should be enough, it will make it easier for you to understand the operating system and hardware work.
Operating system
Everyone not strange to the operating system, almost all computer courses are closely linked, they have too many links, some of you may be confused, when all finished, you should have a click into place feeling, that is computer all should not is a mystery. Operating system and the hardware interface, is the hardware provides instructions to operate the hardware, through these instructions, like operating system definition, he is managing system resources, use and management of hardware, operating system when you're learning, as can a manager, it is a their management methods of management, management of the hardware for each process, the process is simply a program in memory or on disk, the operation procedure to the right. Operating system now is the multi task, You can run multiple programs, Concurrency is that of a single CPU, Each process in turn in the implementation of CPU, Because it is too fast., You don't feel alternate their, Like running at the same time, Most material with more, Most of us are single CPU computer, Specific how to operate alternately, Method that is the operating system process management using hardware, Different operating system in different ways, But you don't let one of those processes is not always want to use the hardware (livelock or hunger), But to come up with a good way is not deadlock (here is not to say what is deadlock., I'm not talking operating system) is also very difficult to, In a word, These methods you need to learn, Here is the management of CPU, And memory management, Peripherals etc. I in the process definition, said disk, usually refers to the fact hard disk, because your memory is too small, and run the program, I want to let the other programs running, can only put it in the storage, also called hang. In short, the way you learn is how to manage the hardware, management efficiency, convenient for the user to use. If you can, you can also design a set of management methods, then you can make a new operating system.
Computer network
All hardware related the last one, the truth of computer network is very complex, you learn after the first, the 7 layer network management method name check is not much, very difficult, most of the students are confused and disoriented, network is a huge system, it from hardware to software, is a complete system set very normal, so everyone can obey the rules, so that each person to develop software and hardware can be used. Interactive, like people to remember the computer, by 0 and 1 to replace human language, expression or all can convey the information of things, also can say is a computer communication code, only both sides know the word meaning, the two sides to communication, you and the other person how communication, then computer and another computer on how communication. For example: I want to give you a gift (computer as I will give you to send data, A to B), I want to tell you, See if you can accept (the people) (A sent B a 0 and 1 code, Prior to two computers have been provided., For example 10010011 representative look at each other whether to accept), If the request does not lose it (there are many processing method of missing, You can think of a processing method, For example, every time you have not received the other end whether to accept, You can repeat information, In a word, As long as you are willing to imagine, Anything is possible), (1)Send an acceptable message (for example 10010012), Have you received, You can send, On the way there are a lot of things, For example, How do you send, As the vehicle, Or hiking, If the traffic jam how to do, Is the gift to send, Separate or sent over, Wait, Specific to the network is to send a quick, Transmitted separately, These methods we learn. (2)Send an unacceptable information, you have sent immediately, or not, or later on, these methods are very active, is the way you learn, if you can handle any problems in the network, you don't learn it. I want to tell you is, you must learn is that communication protocol (is to achieve the specified password), communication method, how to deal with such problems, you are good, you can not learn, is very simple, is found, you than it, learn it dry what, you're.
Software engineering
Software engineering is summarized from the practice experience, seldom did the project students, really difficult to understand, as long as you make some projects, such as online bookstore like system, understand some of you, it is said is right, I clearly remember the software engineering process: (1) the the feasibility study, which is the system you have to do is not feasible, whether it is worth doing, do much benefit. (2)The overall analysis, this is from the whole to plan what you are going to do, just an overview, and no detailed stage, the system is divided into several modules. (3)In detail, this phase is the detail of each module, all the details are to be written. (4)The program code (5) test (6) after sale service.
Each process has a lot of specification, because a project a lot of people do, many companies are doing, not a very good standard will be crooked, so easily together.

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Method (three)

How to learn programming
One, why to learn programming?
Each person's motivation is not the same. Roughly:

1, In order to find a good job; or in order to have a better development opportunities and better.

2, Others see the super powerful, so want to learn.

3, Need a lot of applications in practical work.

4, I aspire to be a programmer, software engineer.

5, The revitalization of the Chinese software industry.

. . . . . .


Two, how to learn programming?

1, Read good books.

Bad books do, not only a waste of time and energy, and against the people of faith, bad books make people for a long time will not, that will make people doubt you

Learning ability.

Many books now, but the book is very few, especially being recognized very valuable books, much less. Over the years the test of time

And the market and not cruel baptism and remaining work, it is extremely rare. The history of Chinese literary fiction books innumerable, but only the giant

The, only <<a dream of Red Mansions > > four of the classics.

So is the programming.

2, More hands.

This is a very important point. Especially important.

"The paper come Zhongjue shallow, no matter known to practice." Lu You famous through the ages that is the truth, and also suitable for programming.



Three, use what language the best?

Depending on the application domain, each language has its own strengths and weaknesses.

1, Assembly language and C language with more in the SCM and industrial areas. The C language is a universal language, is the starting point for learning C++/c#.

2, Many aspects of C++ system programming, the most commonly used compiler is VC.

3, C#/Java network programming emerging.

4, VB general.

5, And Delphi etc. . . . .

Personal advice: never programmed, start learning vb. Based on the direct c++/VC.


Four, what is the book ?

A few years ago, the famous Taiwan technical writer Mr. Hou Jie once wrote a Book Review of great influence, is called the "four kings" of MFC. Article

Mean MFC in the vast sea of books, so long as we read and study the four books, you can "five Yues return not to see mountain". Mr. Hou is a

MFC for example, many specific technical field but that is also suitable for other than MFC, this is an interesting statistical phenomena.

Usually in a specific technical field, will come very naturally appear 3-5 the top works, they cooperate with each other, forming a complete

The whole system. For learners, only need to read this book, can have profound scholarship. I enjoy this now known as the "four books five

The phenomenon". For the reader, if you can find it in the field of "the four books", both in time and money are the most by

Economic choice. The book is better than good, bad bundles, everybody has the experience. Then, to help you select the technology in the field of"

The four books".

Programming book is an immense number of books, including the classic is not universal, but the vast majority of people come, all agree, to quickly into the

And as soon as possible into the programming practice, as long as one of the four to five this is enough, that is only the classic of classics, Bible book can


"Live and learn, the programmer is lifelong occupation, to continue to read a book, to give up the day of programming. So,

You have to read books is not following recommended the book yo, ha ha.

In a word, because of our time, energy, money is limited, how to minimize the cost for the biggest harvest.
Classic books classification hot list


1, Java

Java programming language (Third Edition) ---Java four classic ----James Gosling (Java father)

Java programming ideas (Second Edition) ----Java four classic ----Bruce Eckel

Java programming ideas (Third Edition) ----Java four classic ----------------Bruce Eckel

Core JAVA 2 volume I: basic knowledge (Seventh Edition) ---Java four classic -----Cay Horstmann

Core JAVA 2 volume II: advanced features (Seventh Edition) ----Java four classic -----Cay Horstmann

Effective Java Chinese version of the ------Java four classic --------Joshua Bloch

Proficient in Struts: MVC Java Web design and development -- Based on Sun Weiqin

Proficient in Hibernate:Java object persistence Xiangjie --- Sun Weiqin

Tomcat and Java Web development technology Xiangjie - Sun Weiqin

With the Java model ------------------------------ Yan Hong

2, c#

C#Program design of -------Charles Petzold "windows programming Mount Taishan and the North Star" ---C# language "Sky Dragon Sword"

C# The Chinese version of the Primer --------Stanley B.Lippman---C# language "Sky Dragon Sword"

.NET framework programming (Revised Edition) "--------Jeffrey Richter windows programming platform of ---.NET Mount Taishan and the North Star" four kings

c#Program design of Windows ----------Charles Petzold "windows programming platform of ------.NET Mount Taishan and the North Star" four kings

.NET programming technology insider -------------Jeff Prosise---.NET platform four kings

The essence of.NET Theory: volume first: the common language runtime (Chinese version) --------Chris Sells---.NET platform four kings

3, C++

C++ programming language (Special Edition) ---c++ ----Bjarne Stroustrup C++ "following" the father"

C++ Primer (Third Edition) Chinese version ----c++ eight lords ---Stanley B.Lippman

C++ Primer (Fourth Edition) Chinese version ----c++ eight lords ---Stanley B.Lippman

The C++ standard library - a tutorial and reference manual --c++ eight lords --Nicolai M.Josuttis

C++ language design and evolution of -----c++ ----Bjarne Stroustrup C++ "following" the father"

To explore the depth of C++ object model ---c++ eight lords ----Stanley B.Lippman

Essential C++ ---c++ ---Stanley B.Lippman Chinese version of the eight King Kong

Effective C++ Chinese version of 2nd Edition-----c++ ------Scott Meyers eight King Kong

More Effective C++ ----c++ ------Scott Meyers Chinese version of the eight King Kong

C++ programming ideas (Second Edition) volume first: introduction to standard C++ --------Bruce Eckel

C++ programming ideas (Second Edition) volume second: a practical programming technology of --------Bruce Eckel

C++ programming -------------------------- Tan Haoqiang

C++ Programming Guide (Second Edition) - money can

C++ Primer Plus (Fifth Edition) Chinese version of ---Stephen Prata

Extensive The c++ programming language such as the Si Ku Quan Shu, c++ Primer
Deep mountain heavy water complex Inside the c++ object model
Library Daquan The c++ standard Libray
Engineering experience accumulation of Effective c++, More Effective c++, Exceptional c++

C++ eight Lords:
1, Essentital c++---lippman---C++ father, lateral branches temporarily slightly, the main core, lightweight, beginners

2, The c++ programming language----C++ father, technical authority, words deep Jun, profound, c++ encyclopedia represents,

The Bible.
3, C++ Primer----lippman--- and the book more than a decade, the best c++ script, c++ encyclopedia represents.
4, Inside the c++ object model-----lippman---- reveals the underlying c++, very good, very difficult.
5, The Effective c++----- 50 programming examples, show the expert experience, the fun, the deep shallow.

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The 3 original C++, ultra classic: why to learn programming? How to learn programming? What language is best? Yes
6, More Effective c++----Through 35 examples, shows the expert experience, the fun, the deep shallow.
7, The c++ standard libray---The c++ standard library.
8, Design patterns: elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software------good!

4, c

C programming language (Second Edition) ---C language "sky dragon sword" ---Brian W.Kernighan "father of C language"

C Primer Plus Chinese Edition (Fifth Edition) --------C language "Sky Dragon Sword"---Stephen Prata

C programming (Third Edition) --------------------------- Tan Haoqiang

C language book (Fourth Edition)---------------------------HERBERT SCHILDT

C language interface and Implementation: techniques for creating reusable software -------------DAVID R.HANSON

C language reference manual (Fifth Edition) --------------------------Samuel P.Harbison

C programming tutorial ---------------------------------H.M.Deitel/P.J.Deitel

C traps and defects of -----------------------------------Andrew Koenig

5, VB

Visual Basic.NET technology insider -----VB programming -----------Francesco VB Balena "the Three Musketeers chief master"

Windows programming -Visual Basic.NET language to describe the --VB programming the Three Musketeers "-----Charles Petzold programming windows Taishan

Big Dipper"---

.NET framework programming: Visual Basic.NET description language --VB programming Three Musketeers "--Jeffrey Richter windows programming in North Taishan

"Francesco Balena" - bucket, VB chief master"

Visual Basic 6 programming Daquan ------------------------Francesco Balena "VB chief master"

Visual Basic.NET from entry to the master -------------------------Petroutsos,E.

Senior VISUAL BASIC programming of -----------------------------------MATTHEW CURLAND

6, Delphi

Inside VCL (thoroughly core -- VCL Architecture) - Livy

Efficient database programming Delphi 7 - Livy

Practical object oriented development path (Delphi version) - Livy

7, VC

Windows programming (Fifth Edition) -----Charles Petzold "windows programming Mount Taishan and the North Star"---

Windows core programming ----------Jeffrey Richter "windows programming Mount Taishan and the North Star"---

Advanced programming guide Windows ---------Jeffrey Richter "windows programming Mount Taishan and the North Star"---

Explain profound theories in simple language MFC (second version), "MFC four kings" - Hou Jie

MFC Windows program design (Second Edition) ---MFC four kings"---------Jeff Prosise

Visual C++ technology insider (Fourth Edition) --MFC four kings"--------David Kruglinski

In depth analysis of MFC-------------MFC four kings"-----------George Shepherd

Visual C++.NET technology insider (Sixth Edition) -MFC four kings"------------David Kruglinski

8, vf

Visual Foxpro programming reference manual ------------------- Zhang Hongju

Expert outpatient service -- Visual FoxPro developer Q & A Q 160 ------------------- Zhang Hongju

Visual FoxPro 6.0/9 solutions and examples of documents ------------------- Zhang Hongju

Visual FoxPro software development and application of case ------------------- Zhang Hongju

9, Hacker

Applied Cryptography (protocol algorithm and C source -----------Bruce Schneier

The security of network information. -----------Bruce Schneier

Hacking Exposed: network security and solutions (Fifth Edition)--------STUART MCCLURE

Software encryption technology insider - see Snow College

Encryption and decryption -- software protection technology and complete solutions - see Snow College

Encryption and decryption (Second Edition) - section steel

10, Assembly

Intel microprocessor architecture, programming and interface (Sixth Edition)---------Barry B. Brey

80*86, Pentium machine assembly language program design of ---------Barry B. Brey

Under Windows 32 assembly language programming (Second Edition) - Luo Yunbin

IBM-PC assembly language programming (Second Edition) book is the best textbook - Shen Meiming Wen Dongchan

IBM PC assembly language programming (Fifth Edition) this book is an excellent foreign teaching materials -------PETER ABEL, the Shen Meiming temperature of winter cicada translation

11, Driven development

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The 4 original C++, ultra classic: why to learn programming? How to learn programming? What language is best? Yes

Windows WDM device driver development guide ------------------------------------ Chris Cant

Windows 2000/Program development of XP WDM device driver (Second Edition) -------------------------- Wu Anhe

WINDOWS 2000/XP WDM device driver development -------------------------------- Wu Anhe

12, Network

Computer networks fourth edition of the Chinese version of the Three Musketeers - network programming --------------Andrew S.Tanenbaum

TCP/IP detailed in the 3 volume of --------------------Richard Stevens---- network programming three musketeers

UNIX Network Programming Volume 2 of the --------------------Richard Stevens---- network programming three musketeers

Internetworking with TCP/IP -----------Douglas E. Comer

Advanced TCP/IP programming -------------------Jon C. Snader

C++ network programming -----------------------Douglas Schmidt

Advanced UNIX programming (Second Edition) --------------------Richard Stevens

13, Algorithm

The art of computer programming -------Donald.E.Knuth---------- algorithm "sky dragon" double sword

Introduction to Algorithms of -----------------Thomas H. Cormen-------- algorithm "sky dragon" double sword

Discrete mathematics and its applications ----------Kenneth H.Rosen

The mathematical foundations of computer science --------Donald.E.Knuth

14, Graphics programming
Windows graphics programming ----------------FENG YUAN graphics programming community Charles Petzold book

15, Data structure

Data structure C++ language to describe the "58 (Data Structures C++) William Ford, William Topp Liu Weidong Shen Guanlin

Algorithm and data structure -C++ language to describe the "49.00Sartej Sahni Wang Shilin Sun Xiaodong and other machinery industry press

16, Software engineering

Design patterns: elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software

Refactoring: improving the design of existing code

17, Operating system

Depth understanding of computer systems (Revised Edition)-------RANDAL E.BRYANT

18, Unix

UNIX Network Programming Volume I sockets networking API (English version of the Third Edition
Art of UNIX programming
Advanced UNIX programming (English copy version second of the -----UNIX programming "Bible
Advanced UNIX programming (English Edition) (Second Edition)
Advanced 99-UNIX programming (Second Edition)
Advanced UNIX programming (Second Edition) ---UNIX programming "Bible
UNIX network programming, volume first: socket API (version third)
UNIX Network Programming Volume 2: interprocess communication (Second Edition) (English Edition)
UNIX network programming (Second Edition) volume second: interprocess communication
The UNIX programming environment
UNIX Network Programming Volume I sockets networking API (English version of the Third Edition
UNIX system programming
Advanced programming in the UNIX environment
Advanced UNIX programming (English Edition
Analysis of 88-LINUX kernel and programming
UNIX Network Programming Volume I sockets networking API (English version of the Third Edition)
UNIX network programming, volume first: socket API (version third)
UNIX network programming (Second Edition) volume second: interprocess communication
UNIX Network Programming Volume 2: interprocess communication (Second Edition) (English Edition)
UNIX network programming (Second Edition) volume first: set of interfaces API and X/Open communication interface of API
UNIX network programming (Volume 1): networked APLS: socket with XTI (Second Edition) (English Edition)
Advanced programming in the UNIX environment
Advanced UNIX programming (English Edition)
Advanced UNIX programming (Second Edition)
Unix Technical Manual

19, Linux

Linux kernel design and Implementation
Linux kernel completely notes
Analysis of LINUX kernel and programming
GNU/Linux Programming Guide (Second Edition)
Linux device driver (version third)
The development of guidelines for the design and embedded Linux driver -- 9 processor based on ARM
Linux device driver for the Third Edition (English Edition)
Linux kernel design and Implementation (Second Edition)
Linux kernel design and Implementation (English Edition) (Second Edition)
Linux Technical Manual

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20, Game programming

Windows game programming (Second Edition
Game trip, my program comprehension
OpenGL book: Third Edition
OpenGL Programming Guide (Fourth Edition)
Java game programming
J2ME mobile phone game programming.
Game trip -- my program comprehension
The artificial intelligence in game development (English Edition)
3D game: Volume 2 animation and advanced real-time rendering technology
The game object oriented development
Java game programming
3D game programming
Game Programming Gems
The game object oriented development
3D Games Volume 1: real time rendering and software technology
3D game: Volume 2 animation and advanced real-time rendering technology…
J2ME mobile phone game programming.
Direct3D game programming tutorial (Second Edition…

21, Mobile development

Windows Mobile mobile phone application development
SYMBIAN OS C++ mobile phone application development
68-Windows Mobile mobile phone application development - Fu Xi Qi Yu Xu Jun
48-SYMBIAN OS C++ mobile phone application development (second volumes) ------------------RICHARD HARRISON, Zhou Liangzhong Wang Boxin
68-SYMBIAN OS C++ mobile phone application development ---------------RICHARD HARRISON, translated by Zhou Liangzhong
Windows kernel customization and application development - Ning Yang Lu Guiqiang Fu Linlin Zhou Yulin
Embedded system Windows CE development techniques and examples -- Fu Xi
Palm OS programming practice - out of print

22, Single chip microcomputer

SCM easy entry ---------------------------------- Zhou Jian (Mr. Ping Fan)

Typical examples of singlechip module design navigation and is seeking technology

Patients with 8051---------------------------------------- Zhang Yi and Chen Dibei

KEIL CX51 V7.0 microcontroller high-level language programming and mu VISION2 application practice --- Xu Aijun

MCU application design technology (Revised Edition) more than Zhou Hangci

Practice and application of 8051 or Wu Jinrong

MCS-51 Series MCU practical interface technology --------------------- Li Hua

23, Serial and parallel communication

Visual C++/Turbo C serial communication programming practice. Gong Jianwei

VISUAL BASIC and RS-232 serial communication control (latest version) - Fan Yizhi

24, Electronics

Identify the images of radio circuit failure analysis and ease of entry (Second Edition) ------------------- Hu Bin

Radio components detection and repair technology easy entry (Second Edition) ------------------- Hu Bin

The chart on electronic technology to identify the images ------------------- Hu Bin

The chart on electronic components ------------------- Hu Bin

The chart on components and circuit ------------------- Hu Bin

[equote]How to become a programmer[/equote]


Through the following 4 stages of training, without any programming basis can be a programmer.

The first stage: master a programming language

Learning: learning any kind of mainstream programming language. For example, the C++ language.

Learning objectives: master the grammar of a language and basic programming skills.

Learning time: 3 months

Note: programming languages and tools are two different things, the programming language is C++, Basic, Object Pascal etc.
Program design language, they are like abstract syntax rules of Chinese, English, programming tools are used
Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi 7 includes the source code editor, compiler
Software development tools, visualization, integration of. C++ source program can be written in Visual C++ 6, also can be in
The Notepad program, with a C++ source program can use the Visual C++ 6 compiler, execution, can also use the C++ Builder 5
Compile, execution, so: C++ is not equal to Visual C++ 6

The second stage: master a programming tool

Learning: learning any kind of mainstream programming tool. Pay attention to the first stage of learning the programming tools and programming languages, such as your learning
The programming language is C++, then the programming tools to choose Visual C++ 6 or C++ Builder 5.

Learning objectives: master the basic programming tool usage, for example: menu, assembly, debugging, program tracking program Windows.

Learning time: 3 months

Note: use this phase focuses on the programming tools, and further familiar with the programming language, and finally achieve proficiency in the preparation of various basic Windows program.

The third stage: Master "this class of algorithms and data structures"

Learning content: Algorithms and data structures, recommend Xu Zhuoqun's "data structure", the Higher Education Publishing House.

Learning objectives: to master a variety of commonly used algorithms and data structures

Learning time: 4 months

Note: This is one of the indispensable software development course, there was a classic computer professional books called "data structure and algorithm = programs ,
This illustrates the importance of data structures and algorithms. It can help us to establish the program analysis and design ability.

The fourth stage: the small software project implementation of a simulation

Content: the development process of software project

Learning objectives: master the basic development process and methods of software project

Learning time: 4 months

Note: small software project completed a simulation of their own, strongly recommended to do a MIS (Management Information System) software, reference book recommendation
"Small and medium-sized management information system development case series ", the posts and Telecommunications Press, its example detailed effective,
On the basis of further expansion, it can make a practical MIS software.
This series includes a variety of development tools, we can choose their own: "VISUAL FOXPRO6.0 database system development examples navigation
JAVA database system development examples navigation "" VISUAL BASIC database system development examples navigation
VISUAL C++6.0 database system development examples navigation "" ASP.NET database management system development examples navigation
DELPHI database system development examples navigation "" POWERBUILDER 8 database system development examples navigation .
Simulation software finally will complete the carved discs, as their work to the interview, to embark on their glorious occupation programmers Road!

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Method (two)

First of all I would like to emphasize that, if the NC programming languages, then you are in the social competition of talents is very advantageous. At present in domestic manufacturing of CNC high speed growth situation, numerical control programming technology talent shortage, NC programming technology has become hot demand on the job market. A study of NC programming technology, need to have the basic conditions for the following: (1) basic learning aptitude, that students have a certain learning ability and knowledge. (2)Conditional acceptance of good training, including the selection of a good training institutions and training materials. (3)The accumulation of experience in practice. Two, learning and mastering the numerical control programming technology, require students to master first preliminary knowledge and skills, some include: (1) basic knowledge of geometry (above senior high school can) and mechanical drawing foundation. (2)Basic English (high school above). (3)Machining knowledge. (4)Three dimensional modeling skills. Includes three factors, selection of training materials should be considered: (1) the content of the teaching material should be suitable for the actual application requirements, at present based on the widely used programming interactive graphics CAD/CAM software as the main content. In the practical teaching software, programming method, at the same time should also contain certain basic knowledge, so that the reader knows its however even know why. (2)The structure of the teaching material. NC programming technology learning is a phased process of continuous improvement, so the content of the teaching material should be reasonable distribution according to different learning stages. At the same time, carries on the induction and the classification system of the content from the application point of view, for the readers to understand the overall and memory. Learning content and the learning process four, NC programming can basically be divided into 3 stages: the first stage: the learning of basic knowledge, including basic knowledge of theory, NC NC programming, NC machining process etc. The second stage: the technology of NC programming learning, in a preliminary understanding of basic manual programming, learning programming techniques focus on interactive graphics based on CAD/CAM software. The third stage: NC programming and machining practice, including the actual product of a certain number of NC programming exercises and actual processing practice. Five, learning and skills and other knowledge and skills learning, to master the correct way of learning plays a very important role in improving learning efficiency and quality of NC programming technology. Here are a few suggestions: (1) focus on wage a war of annihilation, in a relatively short period of time to focus on the completion of a learning objectives, and timely application, avoid marathon learning. (2)To classify the software function, which can not only improve the efficiency of memory, but also help to grasp the application software function on the whole. (3)From the beginning to pay attention to the training of standardized operating habits, cultivation of rigorous, meticulous work style, it is often more important than learning technology. (4)The usual problems, mistakes and learning points down, this process is to improve the level of accumulation. Six, how to learn CAM interactive graphics programming learning (i.e. points we often said that the CAM programming) can be divided into three aspects: 1, learning CAD/CAM software should grasp the core functions of learning, because the application of CAD/CAM software is also consistent with the so-called "20/80 principle", namely the 80% applications only need to use the 20% functions. 2, Is a standardized work habits to cultivate standardization,. Settings for the parameters of machining methods of process should be standardized, and the formation of standard parameter template, template parameter in NC programming of various products as much as possible in the direct use of these standards, in order to reduce the operation complexity, improve reliability. 3, Attention is the process of accumulation of experience, familiar with the use of CNC machine tool, cutting tool material, characteristics, in order to make the process more reasonable parameter settings. In particular, the experience is an important part of NC programming technology, can only be obtained through actual machining, this is any of the NC training materials can not be replaced. Although this book emphasizes that combined with the practice, but it should be said that the change of process factors in the processing under different conditions is very difficult to describe the complete written. Finally, as with learning any other technology, to achieve the "strategic defiance of the enemy, the enemy in the tactical importance", not only to establish a firm confidence to complete the learning objectives, and treat every learning and stand on solid ground. So, as long as you to NC programming of interest, I support you to learn it, promising ah.

Method (three)

One, clear learning objective
Learning programming is very useful for most IT industry staff. Programming, a programmer to do, from a personal perspective, can solve the problems in the use of the software, the improvement of existing software, can add significant weight to find an ideal job, is advantageous in the job on the road to a good position; from a national perspective, can make the contribution for China's software industry, a good programmer will always be for the object. Learning programming can exercise thinking, so that our logical thinking more closely; innovation can continue to enjoy the fun, will always have the opportunity to go in front, because the design process itself is a creative work. The era of knowledge economy has brought the infinite opportunity to us, if we really want to master the technology of computers, and in the IT industry to do a career, dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased, has certain programming ability is one of the basic conditions and requirements.

Two, to lay a good foundation
Programming must have a certain basis, sum up the following aspects:
1, Mathematical foundations of computer application and development from the history of mathematical models and architectures are proposed as early as mathematicians, computer is designed for numerical calculation. Therefore, must have certain mathematics basis to learn computer, the scholars have a high school level is about the same.
2, Cultivation of logical thinking ability to learn programming should have certain logical thinking ability, "Luo Si training" to long time practice exercise. To be a good programmer, the most important is to master the programming ideas. In order to achieve this point must be repeated practice, observation, analysis, comparison, summary gradually accumulate. Therefore, in learning the programming process, we don't have to wait for what all understand completely to practice, as long as know about, we must dare to do it yourself to experience. Who are the first. Some problems have only through practice can understand, also only practice can make teachers and book knowledge into their own, master is so good.

Three, pay attention to understand some important concepts
A program design of the book to see nothing but is variable, function, conditional statements, loops, and other concepts, but to really capable of programming application, need a deep understanding of these concepts, the application on the basis of understanding, not learning only simple syntax, structure, and to understand the grammar structure of needle, application examples, to infer other things from one fact, analogy.

Four, master the programming thought
Learning a foreign language or development tools, grammatical structure, function calls is secondary, the most important is to learn the thought. The key is to learn a kind of thought, a thought, then we can comprehend by analogy.

Five more exchanges, more practice,
Master the programming thought must go to the practice and experience in programming practice. Programming the initial stage to design your own program, detailed design is not rigidly fixed way of thinking, encounter problems to think about several solutions. This will be more exchanges, each have different ways of thinking, different view, each has merit, through communication can continue to absorb the merits of others, the rich programming practice, help to improve their level of. Hands-on program design is the embodiment of the application of creative thinking, but also cultivate good logic thinking method.

Six, to develop good programming habits
Programming is not difficult, but learning after the introduction is very important, relatively long. In the meantime pay attention to develop some good programming habits. Program quality greatly influence the style of programming. Good programming style can make the program structure clear and reasonable, and makes the code maintenance. Such as code indented layout, variable order consistent rule, code notes etc.

Seven, the Internet to learn programming
You can learn a lot of different programming thought, method, experience and skills on the Internet, there are lots of tools and work and guidance material related to download.

Eight, strengthen the knowledge of computer theory of learning
Programming is in line with "a process of cognition theory, practice, and theory and practice". Start with the theory of computer basic knowledge, including the basic mathematical knowledge required for programming, with the entry of the conditions, you can start programming practice, from practice can find problems need to strengthen the knowledge of computer theory of learning. The program that everyone can be compiled, but when you find the series to a certain degree is hard to improve, will be back to learning theory, computer science and Mathematics. After studying, many problems will be smoothly done or easily solved, make the person has the feeling of click into place. Therefore, in the process of learning of programming to constantly in application of confusion and problems in-depth study and knowledge of basic data structure, algorithm theory, computer theory, compiling principle, principle of operating system, software engineering, computer science and mathematical logic, algebra system, graph theory, discrete mathematics, mathematics. After continuous learning, try to practice, the programming level will be improved to a new height.

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For you say what is the real learning computer agree with university, I was thinking about the problem,
But unfortunately, Da Wei abandoned, now re started, and you want this computer expert to conduct more exchanges
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Really good ~ I learn the computer for so long, the operating system, computer composition principle, assembly language, VB, C, C++, JAVA C#, self-study, computer network, this year the school computer network, but with the vocational school computer network has the very big difference. This year also compilation principle, but to tell the truth, did the teacher don't understand.
The principle of operating system and compiler principle, composition, the teacher of the three estimate of your own will not. Teach that, says this said that, small voice. According to the books of knowledge about the past, and if there is a problem, they will not. Just in order to cope with the examination of the! What exams, those things they teach only exam, the rest is not taught. Do not learn, if you really want to learn the computer, have to very good schools.
Although the self-study can, but computer this self contact is essential. Further, even if is the school computer science are rare.
If all went to learn, time is not limited.
If a teacher guide, progress more quickly. Unfortunately, college teacher, few can surface, taught estimate oneself all don't understand, also do. Education now is such, computer talents in Colleges and universities to teach all ran out, stay at home and no future, no ascension. After going abroad will never come back! China is a very serious brain drain. Hey.... there is much to say, but say have no meaning, can not change the status quo!!

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